The new F-16s and USA definitely not overpowered

İris-T will come 2-3 years later , keep dreaming man. Are you seriously expecting a 9X equivalent? İs that how out of touch with balance you are?

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I just wish the F-104S didn’t get constant uptiers , it has no chance Vs a Mig-29 or F-16/F-14

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I mean, you’re saying the 1st or 2nd best jet in the game is bad and then immediately going wild on the keyboard the second somebody disagrees, so that doesn’t help your case.

Also, if you want to keep accusing me of illiteracy, at least take the time to fully read my posts;

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İt is bad , and it has been acknowledged by the Devs. Now go argue with them , they have accepted that it is underperforming compared to İRL data.

And stop lying about the 1v1 stuff that i have never said please, it is not nice.

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Still not as good as when the Mig23MLD came out.

They nerfed the ACM range.

SMT seems to be doing great now. I love it. They must have done something to the R73s.

The R-73s are good , i just wish the flight model was not as bad as this, hopefully it will get fixed soon. The devs acknowledged the lack of Turning and nose authority for the new flight model of all MIG-29s a few hours ago.


Also i was going to ask does the SMT have FBW at all? it seems to fly better above mach and better than previous models.

Ive been using it almost opposite as a interceptor. With boom and zoom tactics. Cant get caught in a dogfights with f16s without the thrust or min fuel

Best in-game doesn’t mean best for its BR.
I’d rather use Kurnass 2000 against 12.0s than Mig-29SMT. Similar air performance, more countermeasures, and 6 Python 3s.

R-73s are nice, but that airframe has much to be desired.
It’s clear why they chose SMT for R-77s without being as powerful as F-16 Block 52, Typhoon, Rafale, F-15C MSIP, & Mig-35.

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Also you are very good at high altitude. So i wondered if it had FBW.

Just low alt and in knife fight it is horrendous.

The one we have in game is export SMT. We even have an Algerian skin for it. The domestic SMT has a MUCH MUCH BETTER PESA Radar, 56 more countermeasures. Since Soviet Times downgrading export machines is a common practice in USSR/Russia.

You will love the tornado then

All Mig-29SMTs use RD-33 series 3, which is a reliability increase not a performance increase.
RD-33MK is only seen on Mig-29K, Mig-29M, and Mig-35.
SMT never got equipped with them.

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Did they change the flight performance too? The F3 has a crap radar (though really good irl) and is slow last time i played it

worst no range in the super temps. I will wait for amraams or play the italian after i grind it.

Sorry i confused it with another one , but 60 countermeasures with FLARE/CHAFF mix is only 15 pops, if a F-16 wants you dead he can just fire 4 AIM-9Ms at 4KM and kill you, because unlike the R-73 the ECCM on 9M is not range dependant. The domestic SMT would have 116 countermeasures, which would be on par with everything else. (F14B, HARRIER GR7, F16C, BARAK 2).

Also, the radar on the SMT feels worse than the radar on the other MIG-29s before this patch as well.

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I want the separate flares/chaff they’re working on more than that idea.
R for flares, and F for chaff is the keybinds I would have.

Here is what the amazing R-73 can do BTW, meanwhile the 9M ignores flares even at 5-6 KM ranges including headons which the R-73 sucks at.
These are not my videos but are similar to my experience with them.

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Non-AB targets will flare with ease even 9Ms.
AB targets, even if they stopped AB, will have a tougher time. Especially if they didn’t do the merge off AB.
We are in the era where you not only have to be off AB, but have to be off it long enough for heat plume to be gone.
Minimum range of safety for rear aspect is not only an AB number as well, but also a non-AB number. R-73 is 700 meters rear aspect & it’ll see through flares.

9Ms ECCM does not care about Afterburner. İt is how it works.


I’d say that it’s either first or second in the BR, but that’s a given since there are only two jets at the BR to begin with, and I guess the Barak, but that’s not going to come up nearly as often.

Even that aside, I can still see a reason to take the Mig 29SMT over other jets in the range, it’s still fast, has good aoa, 30mm cannon, and the kit is standout, with a strong radar and missiles arguably the best overall. Of course, depending on what you value, you might wind up taking other options, like the Kurnass 2000 if you favor other variables, guessing the missile count and more favorable matchmaker for you.

Guessing R-77 and Aim 120 will be added to both respective aircraft at the same time as it would make the most sense, but I agree the choices were kinda weird, I’d even be happy if they just did the F-16 FM buffs, threw the Aim 9M on the appropriate aircraft, and then opted for the Mig 29S (9.13S upgrade) with a better FM and R-73s/R-27ET, but I’m not the snail.

Do you really believe the AOA the mig-29 pulls is more than F-16 right now? That was before the patch and FM changes. İt has literally 0 flight model advantages over the F-16 or the F-14 right now.

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