The new F-16s and USA definitely not overpowered

where did i state the SMT cannot 1v1 a phantom or a mig-21, i just made specific comparisons in specific performance metrics, that being loss of speed in turns and acceleration.

Just shows how incapable of reading and and understanding you are. come back when you can actually read and understand what you read.

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More or less the point I was trying to make. They both have a place in the matchmaker, both better in different areas, but are both balanced against eachother and have a viable playstyle, at least in air rb.

Both of you do not even have the SMT, so please do not talk about a vehicle like you know it before you even try it.

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SMT loses to a Kfir C2 100% of the time.

What is your KDR in other aircraft? Since someone mentioned it.


Ah, thought you were referring to me in the post,

That aside, the main poster just doesn’t want to have a discussion and mainly just wants to push the idea the the undisputed 1st or 2nd best jet in the game (depending on what you value in a plane) suffers because reasons.

that is because i am better than your average fly to middle and joust players. i dont even fly until the match is 2 minutes in. i also have an ungodly %75 winrate in the A5C that faces Kfirs and MIG-21MFs and F-5Es every match , it must be amazing then. But it is not. i just play well in it.

Ahhh, the “second wave” pilots, you walk in and pick off the players actually fighting in the furball. And you dont engage in BVR, lot of skill required there.

Ah, the token Russian Bias poster, if nothing else, I have to respect the consistency.


? I’ve never claimed any bias exists, cause it obviously doesn’t. I know this playing all tech tech trees.

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3.54 KD KFIR CANARD, 48 Deaths 107 kills in F-16C, (would be better more if teams didnt evaporate in 3 minutes) , 4.99 KD F-5E, 3.46 KD in J35XS , 4.0 in F-104S TAF, 2.82 in MIG-21BIS SAU, 1.8 in LIGHTNING F53 (its horrible), 2.72 KD in F-4EJ ADTW which is the WORST Phantom at 11.0 i might add, and finally 2.19 KD in MIG-21S R-13-300 , which does not even have flares and faces missiles every match including all aspect.

2KD is pretty much minimum for all my most played planes that i have used for grinding in recent times.

So him saying you have 2KD in SMT literally means nothing , 2KD is normal for seasoned players. I guess he thinks If someone has above 2KD with anything the plane must be amazing. I guess if DEFYN gets a 3KD with a PO-2 at top tier he will think it is op as well, and request that its br be raised to 12.7 since it is Russian.

i wont talk about my earlier planes because that was from a time when i was clueless. ive gotten much better in recent years.


these people play 1 tree invest all their time in 1 tree (usa) and then cry about everything else, they would call the sun black if it meant someone else gets nerfed and USA gets buffed.

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You’re better than I across more vehicles. Respect.
Then yeah, 2:1 KDR in SMT is at best average for you, at worst a sub-optimal experience.

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To be honest. I have no sympathy for either US or soviet mains calling for buffs. Theyve just gotten 12.3s when they shoulsnt have gotten anything last update


i am not a main as i have stated before, i have the F-16AJ, the NETZ unlocked (but not bought), entire USA AND USSR tree unlocked, TORNADO F3, and JA37. I simply did not have enough time for the other trees. But i am slowly getting there, so do not put me in the same basket as “mains”. But if i am gonna play top tier might as well use the most interesting newest stuff, and that is SMT and F-16C this time. No point in playing other stuff this patch sadly. I wish other nations had gotten stuff as well because frankly it is very annoying and boring having mixed MIG-29 F16 teams facing MIG-29 F16 teams.

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Probably a mistake even engaging in a “discussion” with this much ad hominem and red herring, but here you go;

Now, anyways, back to the main point, the Mig 29SMT is in a solid spot, thing it can’t beat in a sustained dogfight reliably (F-16C, Mirage 2000) it can beat at BVR/Missile engagements with the R-27ER or R-73, thing it can outdogfight (all of 11.3, F-14s, J-8F) you can just dogfight, F-16C is just a dogfight specialist, so it’s going to be thr best dogfighter until winter patch (or later) once other nations get their 12.3 aircraft, a la Gripen, J-10a, EF-2000, and hopefully a Mirage 2000-5F mk.2 with IRIS T.

I’ve gotten into 11.0 for Sweden, Israel, and Italy.
AV-8B+ is my favorite subsonic jet ever made, and it’ll be mine for Italy.

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Yeah, honestly I wish the new jets dropped alongside other 12.3+ capable planes, while the F-16C and Mig 29SMT are well balanced, the real issue is that you don’t get a ton of variety at top tier as a result, which isn’t amazing for the long term fun factor of top tier.

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i want it but i started grinding italy only in August, i have a lot more RP left to go to get it. Maybe if USA gets it i can get it earlier. It is probably my favorite subsonic jet as well, i always wanted to play it in DCS but since im new to Simming (bought my joystick and VR in august) and people say its a hard plane never got into it.

AV-8B is an easy aircraft.
Hardest part is landing, but practicing in WT with any Harrier gets you experience for that.
I’m rather far away as well having to get all of rank 6 currently, and only having 1 jet.
I’m using F-104S TAF since I wanted a premium F-104 and it’s good.

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Yes , and literally nowhere did I say it loses to them in a 1v1 , you are proving my point that you cannot read 😂. Me getting outaccelerated by an F-4S ≠ You cannot beat in 1v1

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