The new F-16s and USA definitely not overpowered

It is %80 of the time the team with majority USA that wins, and most of the time the new F-16s with AIM-9M that have the most kills. Meanwhile MIG-29s have become missile busses performing worse than F4s, with extremely underwhelming acceleration and insane speed bleed in turns.

Just gonna leave these here


This happens every single update. The most popular vehicle gets spammed out and breaks the mm. Wait until things cool off before judging it.


The Mig 29SMT isn’t underpweforming, nor is the F-16C overperforming, these vehicles look to be good at different things and usually wind up on the same team fighting mirror matches anyways (one of the key things that makes current top tier air balanced).

I’m seeing a near 50/50 split on which jet the WT community thinks is better, which is pretty rare at top tier, and indicative of balance.

But if I do have 1 nitpick about this update, I’d prefer if other nations got 12.3 vehicles, J-10a for China, Mirage 2000-5F Mk.2, Gripen for Sweden and for Italy (Hungarian subtree), early EF 2000, etc, While I enjoy both the F-16C and Mig 29SMT, variety is needed at top tier.


The SMT and all the other MIG-29s flight performance in-game is severely underperforming , in terms of both balance and real life flight manual / test flight charts that are public.


In terms of balance it seems fine, it’s still a Mig 29, it will be better at some things but generally worse than the F-16C in a sustained dogfight, which is historically correct, if you’re comparing it to the absolute best dogfighter in the game, than anything will be “imbalanced”.

As for your realism claim, WT is a video game, nearly none of the FMs will be historically accurate, for example the F-4 Phantom can pull laughably higj AOA, and the Mig 23s can pull much harder than they can IRL, and that’s fine, realism =/= fun.

What it does have is superior radar, Kit, and it will still have the edge at higher speeds and choosing it’s engagements, you’ll just have to play the Mig 29s more cautiously as a middle ground between an F-16/Mirage 2000 and an F-14, which can be pretty enjoyable, if you want a true Russian dogfighter powerhouse, maybe wait for the Flankers to arrive in game, or another Fulcrum variant that’s more favorable to your playstyle, until then, all I have to tell you is adapt to the Mig 29SMT’s playstyle, or pick a different jet you like more.

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it loses more speed in turns than a mig-21 and accelerates slower than an F4 phantom because of the extremely high drag that gaijin gave it. so stop with the irrelevant copium arguements, even gaijin acknowledged it, when its a russian jet everyone start to undermine it getting fixed, but if this was the f-16 g limiter arguement everyone would be screaming.

you do not even have the SMT so anything you say about it is literally made up BS


If you want realism, there’s a game that starts with a D, ends with an S, and has a C in the middle. You can have your realistically performing MiG-29 in that. Finally Russia isn’t winning all the time. Welcome to the rest of the game. Really? You hid this? Slow day for you?

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From what i’ve seen in SB. Its the first time in a while, the soviets pilots have a disadvantage and are use to an easy time. R-27ERs easily won jousts because they are faster but new RWR (which is typically stronger on “NATO” nations) have helped mitigate that advantage. Aim-9Ms aren’t 1 flare defeats like 9Ls were, so defeating IR missiles now takes effort. F-16 might yet need FM tweaks (cant comment either way) but its at a minimum on-par with the Mig-29.

Soviet mains just have to learn new tactics, put in some effort now and be patient for the innevitable soviet buffs/US nerfs.

Trust me from a British main. It could be a hell of lot worse for you right now


Yeah this is the problem exactly here , extreme hate for Russia in a VİDEO GAME. Go be hateful somewhere else please.


Why would you even “joust”? İs this a medieval tournament? People who do it are asking to be killed

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In a BVR truck like the Tornado F3, you odnt have much choice in the matter. You cant exactly win a turn fight.

That’s just the plane being very bad , you do not need to “joust” in an F-14 or F-16 or mirage 2K. Tornado is the exception, and it sits at a good br , problem is it gets uptiers every match. I have it and I hate it.

I am not some “Russian main who only plays Russia”. I love planes. I have top tier jets for almost every nation , soon to be every nation.

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None-the-less. The fact its around 30% faster than even Aim-7M. gives it a strong advantage in a lot of BVR encounters.

In my opinion. This is just people learning the new balance. In a couple of weeks, everyone will know how to counter Aim-9M, and they’ll be mitigated (I remember 4 easy kills with the 9ls on the Gr7 when it was new, but that dropped off quickly. 9Ms feel the same). People will have new tactics and strategies on how best to deploy the SMT (Most are probably fliyng it like the first Mig-29, but from what I understand its heavier)

There is also the innevitable buffs/nerfs and changes. F-16 from what I’ve heard probably needs some FM tweaks and probably hte Mig-29SMT will get some too. Im also still waiting for the Aim-9M penny to drop and them getting hammered into the floor.

But either way, again, could be a lot worse. Im a britain main. I only play SB, our “top tier” fighter is DOA in SB because its hard-locked to always be uptiered. So im just enjoying the Gr7 and FRS1 at 10.7/11 respectively because I cant even touch 12.0/12.3 yet

My issue isn’t even with the 9M anymore , even though it is the best missile in the game I’m fine with it , Russia can get R-73M in the next patches to be on par.

The issue is the horrendous flight model changes GAIJIN has made to Mig-29s. They are in a horrible state. You go from 1200 kmh to 500 kmh in 1 turn , I had F-4S out accelerate me many times in matches.

Meanwhile the f-16 Outturns everything and outaccelerates everything while barely losing speed.

It has been shown by many that this is extremely different to what the MİG-29 should be like realistically.

My problem is with the flight model changes , after the garbage r-60s the R-73 feels very nice but the plane chassis itself is a literal garbage boat


Sounds like someone made a mistake with some code. Give it a few weeks. Im sure it will be running laps around the F-16 before long;. No way Gaijin doesnt fix a soviet jet

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Well, you opened yourself up to discussion, so you should be able to handle opinions that differ from your own, I’ve played against the SMT plenty, it seems reasonably strong but not overpowered, if you already have most of high tier you’ll get a good idea of how something plays, if they buff the FM, fine, if they don’t also fine. At the same time, I’ve played plenty against the F-16C, it performs well, it’s a strong jet, but not overpowered.

Even if it winds up at the level of the Mig 29 9-13 for balancing reasons, that would be acceptable, so long as it and the F-16 still have their strengths, also, I’d appreciate if you linked to where Gaijin stated what they intend to do with the Mig 29 specifically, would be worth taking a look at.

So then no neee to make a thread if you don’t want a discussion.


So then no real point was made here then, aside from “You have no idea what you’re talking about the Mig 29 suffers it can’t even 1v1 a Phantom or a Mig 21”… Got it.

Conclusion, no, the Mig 29SMT can beat a Phantom or a Mig 21, for whoever else may be reading.

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You are both intolerant and ignorant. You speak like someone with absolutely no perspective of the matchmaker. Currently the F-16C is the better 1v1 duelist of the two, and thats fine, the 29SMT is 1,000kg heavier with the same engines. It is a missile bus that performs well.


so the other MIG-29s are A LOT worse than before because?.. they are heavier too?