The new battle gamemode UI is ALMOST good

Today, War Thunder redid the UI for the battle gamemode. The new UI, instead of showing the score for the teams, shows which points are captured by which teams, how many vehicles each team has killed, and how many kills are needed for each team to win the entire match.


Given that the way the battle gamemode works is winning by either killing enough of the enemy team or capturing the other team’s point, this information display makes more sense and is more useful. How many vehicles each team has killed and how kills many are needed to win is more pertinent than the number of tickets per teach which conveys the same information but in a less clear format.

There’s just 1 issue: the new layout looks bad. It’s not awful, it’s not appalling, but it’s bad. Much like the new vehicle stat card images, it feels like it’s from a mobile game. The thing that really gets me is the way that 5 + marks appear and then feed into the kill counter every time a team gets a kill. It doesn’t feel like War Thunder at all and screams mobile game.

I do like that this UI is arguably “cleaner,” but it doesn’t feel like it’s from War Thunder, which is sad because the information this UI provides is more useful than the information provided by the old UI.


Not too bad, could be improved, but not bad.

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Sort of my view. It looks bad. It does not look good. But the information it provides is more useful than it was before.


I could do away with the +s and I think that would be much better. Good info, love that you can see time/kills required for a win under current conditions, but those +s are pretty bad.

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I think the +s would be fine if there was just 1 and It didn’t feed into the kill number but instead just appeared next to it and then faded upwards and away.

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I just played a game and I didnt see a change in the UI, am I missing something?

So they get absorbed into the counter every time? All 5 of them? I’m not at my PC to actually experience it yet.


I think it is only in maps with the “battle” gamemode.

What on earth is the “battle” game mode??!!

This only occurrs in the battle modes. In ground battles there are 3 types of modes: domination, battle, and conquest. Domination is the most common. This UI change only happens in battle. Battle is the one where each team starts with 1 point and you win by capturing the other team’s point or killing 60 enemies, whichever happens first.

Oh I see! Thank you!

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i agree we need a more WWII like feel or for top teir we need what WT’s theme has always been like. this is as if gaijin is playing to the wants of 14yo’s


For me it’s not as much about a WWII feel as it is that independent of era, this looks bad. It looks like a mobile game.


i think we need borders and less bright colors. but i could be wrong im not a graphics designer lol

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It looks ridiculous, as you said like a mobile or arcade game. I think it needs to be smaller, it takes up too much space at the top of the screen, and stop the +s like someone said. Either go back to the old way or stop the animation and keep it simple. I don’t like it. We don’t want to have the mobile or arcade look especially in Realistic mode. It feels like just something else taking up space on the screen and the animation/movements could be distracting.


Exactly. I think the basic layout in theory is good and the information is better, the execution is bad.

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A man can dream…


Completely agree with this


BF4, my beloved. Best BF game after Bad Company 2

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