HUD in new update needs adjustment

I think he brought it up to prove a point

I have posted the statment about the whole game and my comment meant that Gaijin implementing that HUD is only showing what they have said previously

Yeah, I’ll try and find the Dev quote later. There is a specific reason for Battle.

They are making the objective in “battles” more clear, it has nothing to do with other modes or the game as a whole. Tbh your coment is you enforcing your style of play and justifying your K/D as argued in other posts, just like your obsession with TO ;)

“As War Thunder is primarily a PvP focused game and getting kills is the ultimate goal to win battles…”

This are Gaijin words, not mine.

It is what I gathered from:

And less importantly, as a Community helper not mod, from:

Words from 1 person.we all know the game mechanics but you like to keep beating the drum about 1 aspect. Not all game modes are death match

This are not my words but from Gaijin.

So do you believe it? we all know Gaijin have difficulty with translations. Do believe eveything you read?

“Ultimate goal to win”, didn’t say that’s the only goal. How else we gonna spade vehicles, unlock, research. Kills are indeed the ultimate goal to try to win and for the rewards. But there are other goals like objectives to win and teamwork. One can get many kills and still lose if the team doesn’t follow up with your performance. Or one can kill with either plane or tank and get a nuke and solo the whole game.

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‘Teamwork’ in WT? Must be playing some different Game. Theres no Team in WT, play it like a solo Game and you are much better off. Relying on your Team is the worst thing you can do in WT.


There is teamwork if your in a squad, but thats about it

I know, WT is team based as well but they are soo unreliable. I could squad up but don’t got anyone to play with lol I killed, I capped, I decapped and capped again. My team failed even though I have kills. I stopped every CAS as well. Team did not follow up with my work. I had nuke available but not enough time either this match, team just couldn’t keep a cap zone and tickets bleed too much. But yea, here’s one example that kills isn’t everything, really needed the team to pull through. It is the ultimate goal as I performed there, yet I didn’t win the battle.


The VC for Squad is also off by default, you have to get either your IRL friends to play the game (all of them i got to try it out quit the game after a few weeks) or find some random NPC on discord and play with them

Is that voice comms?

Voice Chat, Voice Comms…

It’s Battle. There is no ticket drain, and the only loss of tickets is by kills or capping…

It shows you how many kills you need (60), how many deaths a team has, and the status of both caps as well as a timer.

The previous system did not have any numerical hint towards the match status, nor a timer.

It’s Battle, the gamemode is purely kill-based.

It flashes and has these weird animations whenever either team’s members die.

The only way to win battle is either kill 60 enemies or cap the points. This new UI shows more than the previous.

Hence why this was not implemented in all modes. Ticket-based gameplay still has the ticket scales, kill-based gameplay has this new counter.

Or, hear me out…
Squad chat?

Thats funny because if my WT squad has a mic and i am not eve in a squaad with them i can hear them,or it used to be so idk if its been changed latly

I know that but i can not see the score when i need to select a vehicle to spawn again, but now i have learnt that i can see it in score board but its the old ticket system. Check my screen shots

True, was just the new HUD that threw me off lol

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