The main reason why the game feels bad. Off top discussion

Greetings from Russia. I would like to bring up the problem that the game faces.

Since the game is from Russian developers, the snail maintains a dialogue with its players mainly through Russian players. Considering the European ones, but for the most part the Russians have greater influence.

The developers take this opinion into account through the forum.
So, the forms in Russia are mostly occupied by players who devote half of their lives to the game and are divorced from reality. For your information, the problem with the economy, the main opinion, has always been denied on the forum, until the issue in Steam reviews.
Although the question has been raised on the forum many times

So the essence of the problem is that the majority of active people on the forum cannot correctly direct their opinions towards 90% of ordinary players.

Eg. Дать игрокам выбирать скидку раз в месяц на прокачку техники - Корзина - War Thunder — официальный форум . This post, which i suggested for the consideration of developers, is to give people a discount on researching equipment of their choice and once a month.

It sounds like a small indulgence for the players and a relief for the developers.

But unfortunately my suggestion was rejected by the community and most importantly by moderation. Because the proposal has no arguments and no statistics))))

Rejection by the community occurs because the Russian mentality does not hate freebies (edit: hate mean). As a Russian, I can fully confirm this.

By the end, I can sum up that with this type of control, the game will come to a decline, and it’s probably already come.
And the most important thing is that this is not an isolated case. Any suggestion on the forum to improve the economy was always rejected by Russian players and Russian moderation. This is the truth of our Russian forum.

Hope moders dont delete this post with “some rule”, as usual happening in our forum. GL mates.


Also i cannot edit post… I made several mistakes in the text. Due to not very good English


your english was fine, thank you for sharing. Can you explain what you mean by this?

Rejection by the community occurs because the Russian mentality does not hate freebies. As a Russian, I can fully confirm this.


I make one big mistake here. Correct one “Russian mentality hate freebies”|
Everything comes from communism, where the main thing is “Labor rules the world.” Therefore, any “free” for Russians sounds like an insult to their former work. Thats why in most cases, Russians do not like the economic concessions in the game, given that the forum is occupied by extras and people with 40 thousand matches and etc.

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Steam reviews happened after the special form was opened for people to supply feedback.

As for no-lifers lacking empathy for other players… yeah.
It’s a hassle to find people that think about others’ perspectives.

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So, if I may, part of the problem is that the Russian forum is occupied by “whales” as they are referred to in Western communities (people who spend a lot of money on the game) or people who have been playing for a very long time and have everything unlocked?

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Yes sir)

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That explains some of Gaijins actions. Gaijin listens to the RU part of the community more → They don’t like stuff like that → Gaijin is reluctant to give out rewards/make the economy better, despite what the non RU players are saying.

I just wish the EN forums could have communication with devs more directly, rather than going through smin or stona. Stuff that has been asked for/talked about for years has had no response.


The problem is not only with your community.
Let me describe to you my experience of communicating on the RU forum.

I started playing about 5 years ago and immediately went to the forum to suggest things “as a new player.” To improve gameplay.

I received a lot of hate for the fact that “you don’t have enough matches.” Although the economy does not require many games.

About 2 years have passed and the reason for “not enough games” has already disappeared. But a new one appeared, my statistics and 1 KDA. If you don’t play at a sufficient level, then you can’t think rationally)))

And then the “whales” began, which are described in the topic. Even the moderators became whales based on the example of my topic.

I think the forum suggestion system is dead. There should be a general vote in the game, about player suggetions

Just my two cents on this vibe, as I do agree that it just “feels bad”.

  1. Naturally, its a F2P game that heavily relies on a “pay-for-convenience” sales model. Which is just a blight on the game industry as a whole. If you have to implement a “convenience” mechanic, that means your base game is naturally inconvenient. Which means its not fun. Or that it is rarely fun. And everything drives you to spend money to get that convenience. Like the post-battle screen. “Hey you earned this. But if you had premium time, you could’ve made so much more”. It’s not even subtle or respectful about it.

  2. Gaijin’s flip-flop, fire-from-the-hop decision making when it comes to vehicle implementation. To my understanding, as I have only been around the game for about two years (but going off those I play with who have played longer), Gaijin did not implement any top-tier premiums and it would lead to a variety of issues; bet that as giving the game a “pay-to-skip” or “pay-to-win” vibe. And yet, they are now in the game. Or another such example is instances like the KF-41. It was added to Italy as a Hungarian vehicle under the argument that Hungry is the only nation that fields it despite being German-designed, German made, and is still undergoing testing (in more nations besides Germany). As it has been explained and as far as I can tell, the 2S38 is still in testing and has yet to be officially added to the Russian military. And yet it was added to Russia. Sure, that is a weaker point which I could ultimately be wrong on. Could also look at the distribution of 12.0-12.3 aircraft.

  3. It really feels like they don’t listen to player feedback and the general community, and if or when they do; it’s often tone-deaf or mocking in tone. This is probably the biggest for me. For YEARS the community has brought up just how bad the economy was. How ridiculous the repair costs were, all while having more and more rewards nerfed or taken away. And its clear as day that the review bombing, coupled with getting the issue getting picked up by gaming news outlets, finally got them to actually address this massive issue. And I feel like people forget the fact that Gaijin was actually set to make the economy worse, which prompted the backlash in the first place. And the very first response we get from the company regarding the review bombing was from War Thunder creative director Kirill Yudintsev in the May 19th 2023 post; basically calling the player base stupid for not understanding how F2P games work.

Another such point or example is I don’t think I have ever seen Gaijin take the time to actually address Russian Bias. I have seen posts from the community managers Stona and Smth(?) mocking the idea of it in quite a few of the news post comments over the years but never have I seen an actual front-of-site post that reads something like “Dear Players, we understand there is a notion within our game and player base that Russian vehicles are implemented with mechanics that give them better performance. Like chemical munitions protection such as ERA eating APFSD rounds. Here’s why that happens or here is how this mechanic actually works…”.

I think if they truly cared about community feedback, the moderation on things like the main website news posts/update wouldn’t be so heavy handed and cherry picked.

I could go on but yeah. These are just a few thoughts from one player.


One of the game’s huge problems is the graphics for 2023. No matter how rude it may sound, the picture always aggravates the gameplay of leveling up.

With these trees, bushes and grass. It’s like I’m playing Battlefield 2 (2005).

The RU forum is incredibly support of the introduction of Russian/Ussr technology. Therefore, Russia will always have equipment for every taste.

The only reason (as i think) for such an advantage in favor of Russian forces throughout the game is the huge number of feedback from Russians to Russian equipment.
Even I once delved into CIA documents to provide evidence for improving Russian MBTs

You what? you delved into CIA Documents…are you referring to declassified documents as the way you translated it makes it sound like you are saying that the documents are classified?

I went through declassified CIA documents on testing of Soviet equipment during the period of the Vietnam War from official site. Yes I am))
Just an example that almost all the information about Russian technology on the forum reaches the developer.

Ah…good to know.

Not all Russian hackers hack into undeclassified CIA documents. It is just myth. Although I am a developer and wrote cheating software, but this is still a myth. seriously XDDDD

Hm you are not that guy with the black hoodie and a lot of binary digits in the background? XD

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What you are saying is raising my concern about the situation in Russia. Are these players russian military fanatics? Are they fulfilling their dream of crushing NATO in this game? If yes, are they only a minority in Russia?

If this game is feeding the revenge cycle in the real world, I will stop it right here.

Its not a hate speech.

Many RU people like the Nato technique in the game. But the ussr is obviously in the lead, and everyone’s attitude will be closer to their related technology.
Germans will love german technology, americans will love american technology and etc

The focus here is on who has power on the russian forum, and these are not the average players.
Only 70 likes are required to be approved for developer review.
For a game with 200K online, this is nothing. Less than 1% (0,035%) affects to 99%.

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Here you fall into a trap. Nationalists love national technology. All others love good or somehow aesthetic technology.

Who are patriots for you?