The game is in the worst state ever

Wacky events aren’t relevant to the vehicles in tech trees.

Maybe they should be a minigame option… ‘The COMMANDER has taken to the field!’

Ideally objectives are important to the point where not defending them will cause lose, which will ACTUALLY make PvP MORE engaging and fun by giving clear goals and objectives.

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You really don’t have anything better to do than try insult and degrade people on the forum do you…


Funniest thing, I played Air AB for tasks and… Air AB map felt much roomier, fighters were better separated and there was much more objective oriented play around protecting strike craft. It was one of those canyon maps, so there was cover separating the ground objectives and stuff.

Biggest issue I see in air RB is map size. I’m a prop player, I like WW2 planes and it’s absurd that after take-off, I merge with the enemy in 2 minutes on some maps (ladoga) if I fly straight. If I sideclimb, my team still merges and dies and I gotta move in to engage. Sometimes Air RB matches end in total kill in less than 5 mins at air RB.

Now, I’m not saying we should go back to 15-20 minutes until first contact but… what about, this?

PROP planes:

  • Bring back old map sizes. Split airfields and airspawns into 3 sets.
  • On spawn, randomly (keeping squads together) assign planes in groups of 5 each, with a +1 somewhere to accomodate the 16 players (likely the center)
  • Place objectives between these 3 airfields.

This introduces a flanking element, as one of the flanks falling means back-up can arrive to the center and turn the tide.

Make distances such that at 400 km/h groundspeed, first contact occurs at 5 minutes (airfield to objective). Distance to objective should, at 400 km/h, be around 5 minutes as well. Given climbing is done at ~250 kph IAS, which is ~270 kph groundspeed (at least in my planes)… there should be plenty of time for planes to maneuver and adjust and manipulate the engagement until first contact.

Also make bombers spawn behind the interceptor/fighter spawns. Fighters should be making first contact, not bombers.

At the very least, this would reduce the furball issues because you cannot dogfight sensibly in a 16v16 mess. Now, make it 5v5 x 3… and there’s gonna be a good amount of fun (less than 5v5 in fact because of bombers and stuff)

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