The game is in the worst state ever

Everything related with maps in this game is a mess. Even map rotation is completely destroyed and map desing for tanks is just trash.


Lolwut. No. The maps are all garbage and not all nerfs are related to bug reports. I know you like to be disingenuous but surely you’re tired of it?

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Yes, it was sarcasm. Im quite sad of the small maps and ppl 70%-90% of team quitting game after 1-2min. But if its enemy team overruning with their premiums, then yeah gg

well… kinda need to make it a LOT more obvious its sarcasm… since its just plain text, and there is no body language, tone of voice, etc, to go off of

Maps are the definition of not fine, there have been a “few” improvements here and there. European province and Poland is proof that they can make the maps feel more balanced and playable (if we force them to). But there is still a lot of work to do.

All the legacy maps shouldn’t be playable past 7.0 and a whole set of new maps for modern vehicles have to be made from the ground up, with existing big maps being the only exception. That, or fix the old maps to accommodate new play styles and modern vehicles. Adding more area behind spawn for top tier SPAA to move around is a good initiative for example.

That doesn’t work when the majority want to play them like it’s COD.

The game is in the worst state ever though