The game is in the worst state ever

As the title says the game went downhill .

Air battles are in bad position, too fast, no more skill based, like they used to be. It all started with the “temporary” mixed MM implemented back in the day. And the last bit was reducing time limit from 60 minutes to 25 minutes which forces the battles end too soon. I have not touched Air RB battles since that. There is just no point anymore.

Ground RB is pretty much ruined now too. Battles go by too fast, I do not remember playing for longer than 15 minutes anymore. No more close, clutch games. Just an arena shooter small maps, with no ability to flank at all. Even when you flank the reward is poor compared to people who rush into middle, kill one tank, die and repeat. All the map changes have destroyed the whole “tactical” approach as it forces players to go brawl up close with every tank, even TDs like Nashorn, Sturer Emil and so on…

Additionally the sound design is at it’s worst ever. If I had the chance, I would gladly return to the old pre 1.43 sounds, they were 10x better than what we have now. At this stage personally I can not hear anything during battles as it is just one big messy ball of random sounds with no information at all. I can not tell how far away shots are being taken, I can not hear any directional sound, I can not hear any engine sounds (even at 30ms…), no falling bomb sounds, to the point it is absurd…

Graphics are worse too. There is just too much flickering textures, bad textures on maps (e.g. winter Finland the south side on C capture point is unplayasble because you can not render the rocks on the opposite side even when looking directly at them and people can see your tanks through rocks because they are not rendered for them). There is a lot of rendering mistakes, tanks disappearing behind fences, no rendering of objects, too slow rendering of tanks when coming around a corner, etc.

The point is, I can not hear nor see anything during battles anymore. I had so many occasions where other players were just ramming into my tank because they could not hear/ see me either.

Visual and sound design went backwards 10 years. maps are too restricted, they are creating one way corridors with no more possibilities to move and play “freely”.

Few years ago I enjoyed the game so much more, I could even bring in nice score. In the WT of today I am happy to be in middle of the scoreboard because my gamestyle is no more supported and rewarded by the game. I always enjoyed staying alive as long as possible in single tank. Nowadays you are rewarded for loosing your tank… (you gain score for being hit and dying…)

It is sad for me to see WT in this state. I enjoyed WT since 2013 but as it is now, I am not sure if I can enjoy it any longer. All my friends left the game 1-2 years ago too, they would like to enjoy WT again but we just can not…

Can we please bring back WarThunder from 2015 ? Maybe “Classic WT” server with the addition of AirRB EC mode ? Because the development team has degraded the game since it’s start just too much.
Anyone wants the old WT back too ?


I don’t want 2015 progression as that was slower.
I don’t want 2015 imbalanced vehicles.
I don’t want 2015’s restrictive smaller maps.
I don’t want 2015’s pixel bullets where armor never mattered.

Fast still requires skill, and speed is dictated by the skill of both teams.

Flickering textures are driver related.
Same with the rendering system which needs updated due to driver changes they didn’t anticipate.
Neither of those are graphic quality though, just issues due to changes NVidia and/or AMD made to their drivers.

I’m supportive of air RB EC, and that requires us being supportive of an AI overhaul that would allow such a mode.
So no, old WT was objectively worse.


Yeah, I’d also like to return to times before WT became “e-sport ready”…
But I would add one more thing to your list: the Volumetric fail…


I don’t know - I’d say current War Thunder is a bit better than 2015 War Thunder. Not a huge improvement, though. But I’d say the game is overall getting better over time.

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Impossible to be tactical in this game when it punishes you with “battle activity”


All of that is a subjective view. Everybody can enjoy and prefer something different.
I have to agree with pixel shells being worse.

But in everything else the game went downhill in my eyes, same in the mind of my friends. I would rather prefer higher repair costs than what we have now. Back in the day loosing your tank mattered because you could loose credits. Nowadays you rarely loose credits therefore people do not care about loosing their tanks which leads into chaotic, headless pushes.

Maps were better in my opinion. Today we have too many restricted small corridor maps…
And I never had any issue with most of the vehicle’s balance, you could outflank stronger opponents because we had the option to do that. Today in most cases you just need to go head on…


True, I remember the times you could gain score and battle activity for actively defending capture points, that is all gone. Why even bother defending then ? So you could decide whether to stay and defend or go and search for your enemies.


Other than sound only issue i find with the game is balance gaijin doesnt like experimenting with ways to balance the game very often right now the game just has ultra compressed brs like 10.3 and 7.7 which dont have an option to go anywhere so right now anything that isnt deemed able to fight 11.7s is just put around this br which has arguably has put the most strain on brs in general. Ever since they wanted coldwar type vehicles to stop fighting world war 2 they haven’t done anything to them yet and now its just a jumbled mess of vehicle’s like how the aubl 74hvg and the turm 3 are .3 battle rating difference


True, there is just too much topics in which WarThunder lacks to cover. If I had to bring everything, the list would be so much longer.


I’ll tell you what. I recently played some MiG-17 in SimEC (where brackets keep things balanced) and have been having a blast! It’s a nice departure from missile dominated combat, and takes me back to old top tier days. 😎


True, I would love that feel. I tried getting into sim air battles in the past. I Might end up in that mode for planes too as I enjoyed sim tank battles since the start of ground battles. I just need to learn the mode when I will have time for that.

The memories of Sabre v Mig 15s matches. Pure enjoyment.


Gaijin have to keep up with the industry, old players dont spend money

That can be partially true because they do not give the old players reason to spend money ? If I was a happy customer I would more likely consider to spend money.
I am sure we can have both. Happy old players and happy new players at the same time.


I never played before 2020, but I do believe it has gotten better since then. Repair costs have stabilized, the grind is questionably better.

The balance is still equally as bad, and the recent map changes aren’t the best.

I wouldn’t want to play air RB with a 60 min timer, it sounds very boring if someone just runs away. Air rb has issues, but increasing the match length isn’t the solution.

The sound design is atrocious, and I want them to not change it every major update.

Overall, I think this is partly rose tinted glasses, however some stuff could have been better then.

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Good points.
Everybody enjoys the game differently. It is a pity that you could not experience the 60 minute battles back then. :)

Just an example I have in my memories.
Imagine playing on the biggest map in WT, South Britain + North France (128 x128km). Imagine after a long battle and dealing with enemy fighters you and your friend in a platoon are still standing, rearming. Enemy team has got last two bombers which are taking off in France. You and your friend are taking off in Britain and heading to intercept them. After few minutes you spot your targets flying in formation. You and your friend can now decide how to approach those 2 last bombers, you can decide what will be your angle of attack and what will be the timing on the attack to be as effective as possible.
After planning and executing the plan, you win the hard battle for your team, from which you still have 3 spectators left.
These battles were marvelous. It was not grind for us back then. It was the pure enjoyment we had because we could play the way we wanted. Therefore the grind was just passing by, it was secondary. I was not even paying attention to it and just from flying lower tier props I managed to grind up to jets.

I had nice 1v1 fights many times with experienced pilots and it was wonderful. No matter the result, the other (losing) player congratulated the winning one. Many times I saw people just to be grateful to be able to experience a proper dogfight. But those times are long time gone.

Today if you wanted to do that, you will run out of time or tickets just too soon… There is no point in planning, climbing nor taking more than 30min. of fuel, why do we even have the option to take more fuel then ? There is always a time pressure on me as a player and I can not enjoy the game anymore.


Simulator fantasy.


Who play simulator ?

It was Air RB, when it was nation vs nation and proper time limits.


Yeah i’m not interested playing simulator battles in air rb. I don’t find it active to search for 1-2 planes for 1 hour. If that’s what you like, the simulator battles exist for you.

You’re over idealizing how the matches will be like. Maybe 1 out of 70 matches will be how you dreamt it to be, for the rest to be searching a needle in haystack.

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I do not have time to learn sim this year. I would be totally fine with Air RB EC, which has 3 hours time limit.

No… I was here. We were actively playing the game since Beta. These battles were part of the game and were pretty regular. Maybe 1/4…