Team killing policy - follow up thread

What they’re showing is that the ‘system’ we trust, isn’t there at all, and this needs to be fixed and taken seriously because when I’m harping on about it to new players telling them the system works, and actually protects them, it’s not.

The EULA I signed up to, is supposed to be taken seriously, but obviously it’s actually not.

What do you mean exactly?

I definitely will never run any shit from any “hacker” forums - because real cheats cost money - moreover, money payed at resources where i definitely will never agree to use credit card, and any free cheat is just a pile of trojans and cryptominers

While ingame chat is permanently banned for me

So, what is there in your google?

Well, actually i really just want permaban in game ) But of course i don’t mind if someone uses my situation for study ban system )

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Even if your banned your account won’t be deleted (otherwise it would be impossible to enforce the ban).

You could always… uninstall.

I suppose you could also purchase GE spend it, then charge back with your CC company.

Also that’s “Trojan Horse” - a pile of trojans is what you get at 7/11

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Bad news - it seems throwing bomb on runaway with WW2 bomber doesn’t work - it allows to drop a bomb only after removing gears - and gears can be removed only after takeoff - when all fighters are already far ahead.

So i again just made another 5 TKs at 11.3 BR in 2 ARB matches with my last remaining repaired FB, and now i can continue only at lower BRs - since i already have -770k SL (at the moment of today’s temp ban) - no repairs anymore.
To my pity, i researched most of planes using one premium fighter and one squadron FB, so didn’t get crew trained for most of them because of lack of SL and rushing to top CAS.

Luckily i remembered that i have many SPAAs as well. So i also made 5 more TKs of air targets in TRB.

After that - again got only 24Hr ban - for today’s 10 TKs, and ~100 TKs in last 5 days in total. I’m so sorry for all those poor souls i had to TK because Gaijin doesn’t want to terminate account instantly as per request… Except F-4S zombers. It’s actually a pleasure to TK them )))

The permanent ban is permanent - thus, it’s even more reliable than deletion. (Because as we know, there is no “hard” deletion in any production enterprise-level infrastructure. Just setting the “deleted” flag. Which really, can be reverted at any moment - because every company always glad to get customer back. While the permanent ban, usually, is irreversible - companiesdon’t like when their rules are violated).

And then install again one month later? Nope, thanks.

I cannot use CC for WT at my current location, only payment via mobile through xsolla - it doesn’t provide charge back.

Do you mean 7-Eleven stores?

Additionally - this is really getting interesting.
After all those hundreds of panic questions on Reddit, like “I decided to avoid entering combat solo against 4 enemy fighters, and they said in chat they report me for passive behavior! Would i be banned fo that???!”
Having only few 24h temporary bans after dozens of intentional TKs in a row looks intriguing.
Is there at all permanent ban for systematic TKing…

Mhm - i wrote

…because they spawn with an air start - direct above and slightly behind the runway…they have no gear, therefore no groundspawn when you select “airfield”…


Ah, sorry, didn’t pay attention to this. I don’t have such planes on account…

just let us kill teammates shrug

Btw, yep - i thought a bit yesterday about that.
Instead of “no friendly fire” magic for armor in TRB, instead of bans, and any other “artificial” limitations - Gaijin could just introduce progressive fines in SL.

  • First TK - 10k SL
  • Second TK - 20k SL
  • Third TK - 50k SL
  • Fourth TK - 100k SL
  • Fifth TK - 200k SL
  • Sixth TK - 500k SL
  • Seventh TK - 1 million SL
  • Eighth TK - 5 millions SL
  • Nineth TK - 10 millions SL
  • Tenth TK - 50 millions SL

Counter resets every 24H.

Done - even SL billionaries would not want to do more than 7-8 TK per 24 hours.
On the other hand - 1-2 accidental TKs per day wouldn’t hurt too much usual players, since 10-50k SLs is a small and affordable amount.

With that “tax” i would be able to do just ~15 TKs instead of current ~100 - without any bans/reports :D

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Bombers get an air spawn…

I don´t really get the “project” you´re trying to complete here. So you teamkill on a daily basis because you cannot wait the 90 days they take to delete your account? Its kind of obvious why they have such a wait time implemented: A lot of people who get disappointed by the game and had a frustrating day playing the game might delete their account impulsively - only to think twice a few days or weeks later.

The reason why I cannot endorse your project at all is that you make a lot of peoples days miserable for no good reason at all.

The only positive - or rather disappointing - realization that came from it was that Gaijin doesn´t give a damn about punishing grievers like you accordingly in order to protect their players. Apparently they still have in the back of their minds that toxic players who populate the servers are a good thing and could be potential future customers.

According to what you wrote I might as well stop reporting intentional teamkillers because what does a 1 day ban do to make those people think twice?

Your question is like “Why prohibit free distribution of cocaine? Can’t people just don’t consume it?”
Well, the society decided, that it’s better to NOT have possibility to “change mind” in some questions.
So, here, i do NOT want possibility to change my mind suddenly in relation to my WT account 2 months later (like it already occurred one time in past, and i really regret it).

Say thanks to Gaijin, for they

  • violating GDPR (actually, because they must delete all my data maximum in 30 days)
  • not preventing me from TKing

Yep, nothing personal, just a business. Capitalism, this is the way :)

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2km above and ahead of runaway ))

So you´re addicted to War Thunder and your only way to stop playing it is by not actually playing but TK-ing all the time? This doesn´t make any sense. Just pull yourself together. War Thunder isn´t cocaine.

If you see any problem in that feel free to file a complaint at your national authority IF you´re a citizen of the EU. But I fail to see how the countless people you TK are in any way responsible for Gaijins misbehavior. If that is your approach to rebel against the Snail Overlord, you hit the entirely wrong persons.

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…force Gaijin to ban my account permanently. While TKing is just an instrument to achieve the abovementioned account ban.
Try to improve your reading/logic skills, you’ll have less issues with understanding text then )

Fortunately, no )

No, they are not responsible. They are just my “instrument” to achieve permanent account ban.

OMG i don’t care about Snail absolutely :D Just need a ban.

Another 6 TKs, another 24 ban ))

I wonder if that could be my new WT gameplay - just hop into game to make 5-8 super-easy frags in a few minutes, and “be free” for a day )))))

Then apparently you cannot complain about Gaijin ignoring the GDPR as you aren´t protected by it.

Don´t project on me. You made clear what your “plan” is - the problem is there is no logic behind it in the first place.

If your intention behind TKing is to stop wasting time on WT you apparently aren´t succeeding.

If your intention is to get your account deleted you have no guarantee that this will truly happen after a perma-ban.

And the fact that you completely don´t care about making other peoples gaming experience miserable prohibits any possibility to feel sympathy for you and your endeavor.

I´m not sure if you´re really that mentally weak as you pretend to be unable to simply uninstall the game or just a troll & griefer who attempts to disguise his true intentions of getting entertainment out of annoying other people. I tend to the latter judging by your behavior so far. There are multiple ways to easily stop you from playing permanently, which don´t require any money at all but which you somehow are unwilling to see…

So, you’ve read my posts, but you still just try to guess, what’s my intention.
I repeat - try to improve your reading/comprehension skills )

While i’ll give a you third try.

My intention is to:

  • make my account unavailable irreversibly
  • achieve this in much less than 90 days
  • do it without possibility to perform CreditCard payments to Gaijin or write anything in game chat (which is permablocked for me)

Are you able to read/comprehend this combination of facts and overall intention?
Are you able to suggest any other way to match described above conditions, except TKing?

Why would i?

Which i’ve never asked for :D
So - don´t project on me. If you are so mentally weak, that you always need some sympathy from others - that doesn’t mean that everyone does as well (and that everyone’s actions are dictated by that as well)

I see, by that, you say here, that “all religious people are that mentally weak so they unable to resist temptations of sins without being threated of falling to hell”.