All the toxic behaviour in ARB

So today i got rammed and then teamkilled with guns by a frenemy. Almost immediately after takeoff he tried to ram me into the ground, and when he failed he shot me down with guns. I thereby lost both an SL and an RP booster for literally nothing. But what’s even worse is that the game somehow thought I killed him too. So after being TKed I HAD TO PAY for his fucking plane, a full 42,5k SL. Of course i submitted a report in-game straight away, but I doubt Gaijin will take much action, and if they do, there is no feedback system that I know of, to let me know of any actions. And the boosters and SL are lost to me obviously. So Gaijin, are you going to take any actions against these things? Because they happen ALL THE TIME. If any Gaijin moderator reads this I would very much know how to actually get my boosters and SL back, to appeal this truckload of bullshit.

Replay from the match: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On


A manual report might help punish the user.

Gaijin should do more to provide compensation for boosters but they are not encouraged to do so.

That sucks, hope you reported him.

Imho you secondary issue (team killing by ramming and the “ramming” victim is falsely blamed as teamkiller) is known for years:


I know it has indeed been known for many years, which is what makes it even more infuriating. I just think Gaijin need to come up with a solution instead of ignoring these things.

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It’s often the A-10s in my experience. If I spawn in front of an A-10 I always yaw over to the side just in case he decides to open up on the runway for some reason.

Well in fact they will take no action as afaik the in-game report functionality is for reporting chat messages and not actually anything else.

If you want actuall outcomes you need to report via replay page on the website.

Kinda amazes me there is no in game GUI solutoon for this, but im guessing Gaijin dont have the resources to parse through all the replay reports if they made it easy to report people