Abuse and use of report system to bully other players


while playing in the above match i am receiving abuse in chat, I have been trying to dog fight someone at alt who when i eventully I get on his six runs away trying to drag me down to his team mates. Then today i receive message after logging into game that i have been reported 10 times for passive behaviour and foul language, i admit to the foul language and am sorry for this, but the main abuser is sat on runway typing abuse


i will admit its pretty boring and i do wish i was more agressive but i still dont deserve the abuse and for the use of the report system


here is another example, i was going to shot down a pe2 but there was a enemy spitfire above so i think to exstand away and get hight and kill him first. during this 1 of there team thratens to have his team report me and have me band.

this behaviour has to stop, if i am being passive then say so and ill be more agrresive.

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tldr did you get a chat ban or something? You have 9 more to go sonny

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No chat ban

Check this message and don’t worry about all that shit - it’s just impossible to get any kind of ban for such little things you describe Team killing policy - follow up thread - #164 by Чпок

That’s exactly how they are doing this - they will harass you, provoke you, teamkill you, and then you are the one getting banned because they will squad/squadron-report you.

This game is so toxic because it promotes both toxic gameplay (dude in the forums openly admits he basically climbs to space or camps the AF each time he thinks enemy has an advantage, because the enemy does not DESERVE a kill in his opinion, there are quite many like him + swarms of obsessive killstealers), and toxic behaviour.

If you decide to talk back, you’re getting banned rathet sooner than later. Mods do not care who started. They do not care about provoking, about vulgar insults. It’s all about who got reported and who used a “bad word”.
Someone threatens to murder your entire family,.invade and nuke your country (usually written in cyrilic, wonder where does this come from)? That’s fine.
You tell him to go … himself - oi ya scallywag, have this 1 month ban.



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That is exactly NOT how the reporting/complaint system works at all. This is a long held and sadly much spread thru the player base community bit of misinformation. A player will NEVER get banned due to the number of reports made against them . . ever. Actions are only taken on VALID reports. If a player has done nothing against the Rules, they have nothing to worry about as to the number of times they have been reported. “Report Bombing” does nothing except glog up the complaint system with invalid reports, wasting a good deal of the Game Masters’ time in that they still have to review these invalid reports. When they could actually be using that same time to take care of real and actual problems/complaints. False reporting is actually against the Rules and can lead to punishments for those that participate in such things. The vast majority of players never bother to read the Game Rules they agree to when they make their accounts . . . until they get into trouble . … lol. And unfortunately a great many of those take the word of others instead of learning what’s what. Too bad . .
As for Passive Behavior, that is when a player spawns in and does nothing . . at all. A tank that spawns in and never moves the entire game . . that is passive. A plane that just sits on the runway the whole game . . passive. I just played a game, went out to the right . . no one out there but this one lone Fw-190 . . so I headed towards him. As I got closer, he just turned around and headed straight for his af, for protection I assume. But avoiding engagement entirely. I followed for a few seconds then . . nah. Was it “cowardly”? . . maybe, was it inefficient? . . definitely … was it passive?? . . . nope . . playing to survive is a valid tactic. Might seem passive or whatever, but it is still legit . . . whether other players like it or not. That’s just the way the game is. Players should realize that just because something does not please or suit them, that it is not necessarily against the game’s Rules.
It’s a video game . . no one gets their way all the time . . or wins every time . . and that is certainly nothing to get angry about.

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I’m not saying the report is not valid. Just like it can’t be denied that you punched a man who spit on you, insulted your mother and urinated on your doorstep.

The thing is, WT mods will see you reported by a 4-man squad, confirm you did break the rules and ban you. All “by the book”.
Meanwhile abusers will find another victim and laugh like crazy.

It’s even funnier if you’ve been banned before - then even if they spread floral all over your car, kidnap your dog and break your windows - if you use a bad word, you’re going down, because to mods, you’re a low life deserving harshest of punishments.

Game masters don’t give a damn about who started, they don’t give a damn about people ramming your tail just after takeoff. They only look if “bad words” wer3 used. If so - ban. If not - keep harassing people at will.

And I wish you 100% valid tactician opponents, camping the AF or climbing to space, or casually crashing, just to deny you the kill. You, my friend, fully deserve it.
It’s not always about “game rules”, just like it’s not always about what’s legal. You can follow the law 100% and still be abhorrent human being.

Edit: If OP bored everyone to death by f.e. AF camping and space climbing, I actually fully support him getting banned for life, but I can’t watch the replay right now.

Edit: comment is valid and on topic

^ That…

And that is exactly how Griefers work… soo, dont play their game…

Soo… ? it is always best to respect the Rules in any case… the way Greifers work, is that they will try to get you to make a mistake and then get you into trouble… so dont play their game…

And you can report players for malicious game play… I cannot find the link right now, but should be able to report them to Game Masters… you can PM the GMs for details anyway