Team killing policy - follow up thread


Ok let’s suppose i’m just a disguising griefer.
But why would i try to disguise my true intentions and even post on forum about it, if i don’t try to avoid ban?
Do you have any ideas?

Or you just gush with demagogy without understanding/thinking on the matter of discussion at all :D

Today i already ended up on Reserves due to most of planes with crew being on lengthy free repairing.
And on Reserves it actually appears to be quite funny - due to all those weak machineguns and primitive planes surviving a lot of hits at low speeds - i often get shot down by few teammates who are right behind me, very quickly - even before i kill my first target.
As a result - others, who fly behind those who shoot me - open fire at those who are shooting me, thinking that they are TKers (since there was yet registered kill made by me - my target still flies, though heavily damaged).
The outcome is rather funny mess )

So today i’ve got just another 24hr ban again (fifth in a row, iirc), after making such chaos during takeoff on Reserves 4 or 5 times )

I wonder whether Gaijin will continue tolerating my TKs of newcomers at BR 1.0, turning them (potential new custoimers!) away from game right at the beginning, before they decided to purchase their first PA/prem :D

Mate, you´re a lost cause. Apart from the fact that your moral compass seems to be out of order you keep projecting your own lack of reading comprehension as you appear just too affected by the Dunning-Kruger-Effect and traces of Narcisssism to actually let it sink in. Any apples and oranges comparison with drug addicts or religions only reinforce that impression.

Apparently I tried to guess your true intentions as those you named aren´t those of a reasonably acting being.

If you thought that you would receive any support (why post here otherwise in the first place?) while behaving that miserable - you´re naive. As I said: the obvious solution to your “problem” is right in front of you.

If you thought you hold any right to see your personal data deleted which you freely gave away and that a permaban would solve all your “problems” thats equally naive. Apparently you should have thought about that before you give away your personal information.

Are you truly able to realize and admit the real reasons behind your behavior to yourself in the first place? Your last post has proven that you enjoy creating trouble and being a nuisance to others - even if it doesnt aid your “cause”. There are multiple reasons why you could attempt to make the reasoning behind your actions appear to others and/or yourself more noble or “reasonable” than they really are but what you portray is classic griefer mentality.

Anyway thats my last reply as I hopefully made clear that I don´t see any purpose in investing more time to make you question the reasonability of your own behavior. I cannot support your cause but will watch from the sidelines and sip my tea seeing how your little sisyphus experience unfolds… pushing your own bolder up that hill for 90 days straight…

Oh, more projections from forum “psychologist” here )

No, and i already wrote it twice here - try to improve your reading skills )

You “said” a lot of demagogy, but failed at any specific answer.
I’ll give you another try.
So, without having possibility to use CreditCard, and without access to in-game chat - how could i achieve in-game permanent ban in less than 90 days period?
Tell me your “obvious solution”, Cpt.Obvious )

It’s not naive - just because it’s true. You seem to know nothing about matter of discussion - Gaijin deletes account info. But does it 90 days later.
And as i already said, i want my account to be perma-banned during those 90 days. Simple. But you still failing to comprehend that :D

That i’ve found a way to enjoy a bit the way of achieving my main goal - nothing else. Rest of your speculations - are, well, your speculations.

Noted )

Not Sisyphus (it’s name proper, so should start with capital letter, fyi), because pretty close to my expectations - things do work. Today i finally got 7 days ban, after another few dozens of noobs TKed )
Permaban definitely approaches )

Boulder. Not “bolder”, but “boulder”. Ohh…

Even if it will take the same 90 days, or even longer - that’s fine, since 5 minutes TKing per day wasn’t much trouble for me.
And even less trouble - to spend 5 minutes on TKing once per 7 days (according to latest ban).
While @Uncle_J_Wick will get his answers about Gaijin TK bans policies, which i think is also good thing.

Btw, @Uncle_J_Wick, so far:

  • ~150 TKs in total (last ~50 are on reserves due to negative SL balance)
  • 5 bans each 24hrs
  • sixth one is 7 days now

Thx for the update - imho a very convincing example that the current “auto-ban” functionality is not suited to prevent team kills - it looks more like a placebo…


I wouldn’t call it placebo, as it isn’t entirely ineffective.

Though this fella has displayed that the system ought to be reviewed. At the same time, we have no way of knowing if there’s been any actual reports submitted by the players he has TK’d, as those are supposedly acted on faster than the auto-system.

He has been a purposeful menace, though. That much cannot be denied.


The thing is we’ve taken for granted that this system works as it’s explained, not how it is, so effectively it IS a placebo, as it keeps us quiet and thinking that it’s doing something effective.

Quite frankly, I’d be able to make a better system than whatever this actually is.

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Not sure how often and how much polayers reported me, but i can say that during those 6 days since i started TKing, and till got current 7-days ban - i had “10 or more players reported you” message every login (so, once per day).

So i can assume that at least 60 players in total reported me during that period, providing at least 10 reports per day :)

I got told that stacked in some form…

One time when a squadron was mass reporting me, that came up a few times, but then another time when I got merely reported a couple of times, it was apparently not 10 times, it was just a few were ‘sitting’ from another time or something.

But the question is; Was it reporting through replay or simply reporting in-game? Because replay reports get manually reviewed iirc - Whilst the in-game just goes into a pile, iirc.

This sort of thing should be reviewed to be honest… If there’s a person getting reported multiple times through various matches for TK via the player reports ingame rather than on the site, that should be able to be distinguished by the game, to tell the moderator that yes, indeed, there was a TK in the match caused by that player being reported, and that should consider it to be a positive.

The reason for the server replay report is to give a timestamp, to make it ‘easier’ to review, but it makes it harder for the player to report it as no-one has time for that.

The entire system should be reviewed with how silly these players are getting and how confident they are in doing what they are doing. It’s not that hard to pick out who are making the troubles in simple code and regular stat-keeping.

It’s just so silly that we as players have to put up with terrible attitudes and that we have to make the extra effort to report it, whilst these players go match to match, TKing everyone because of that extra workload not being worth it in any regard, as we don’t even know if them being reported is doing anything at all.

I mean, I make time for it to report bots and hackers so saying " Nobody got time for dat " is just factually incorrect. Should the system be further streamlined? Yes, I agree it should. Should multiple in-game reports of the same type be flagged for manual review? Certainly.

As for TKs - Other than reporting you can always make lists of folks and revenge TK in-turn, and troll squads you could instantly punish as those folks are just malicious saboteurs. It’s all up to personal choice.

I gave up on even trying to report via the server replays because it’s so many extra steps that it makes me waste my time doing so.

I do report via the ingame, but that should be enough to make a mod see them for what they are, and that should be enough. If those reports are genuinely discarded, then they should let me know and I’ll stop doing that too.

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There is a saying in English football that " the referee only ever sees the retaliation ".its the same story with trolls on this forum.Best to just leave when the idiots are on…shame about the crewlock though

You should really stop being so bitter and hung up on it…

And talking of trolls …here is the nastiest

That’s just your opinion bub, get those tissues out. You look a mess.

And another topic derailed.Do you work for World of Tanks?

You were the one who brought in the forum users… You’re projecting, and you wonder why YOU get acted upon…

The players need to be fixed, and you would definitely be one of them.