Team killing policy - follow up thread

Your call, fella. For now, it’s what folks got to work with.

Well, for the forums that’s why you use tact. If you decide to forgo it well, you can’t complain. Now, to rotate back to the actual game - Crew locks are halfway unrelated to the thread’s topic so you’re losing the plot on your own here.

Yea, I think it needs revising… If the ingame report has teamkilling listed, then it should have an effect.

Even if it’s just as I said, if there’s a HEAP of reports about someone TKing in matches, the GMs should spectate a random match and see if they’re doing it regularly.

Like that one time I speced Vs match and found them TKing someone because they didn’t save them as they thought and demanded they should. lol.

It’s not that hard to moderate to be honest, but apparently people accept that it is, and make this change to make it easier for the mods, but harder for the players.

I was replying to and your suggestion of retaliation.Nothing to do with flying dipshit the resident mental case

Stay mad bub.

I recently encounter a player that have fun ruining the experiences of people in his team by making teamkill, and made them not reportable as he don’t fire to people but destruct their wings with his own as his plane have a stronger airframe. That mean, you are not considerer teamkilled, and you pay the repair cost on your own.
Is Is it a mechanic intended to allow teamkill without any suspicion ? If not, what are the consequences of doing it ?
Why the game doesn’t count the damage dealt to your plane by anyone and not only by the ennemies ?

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Im not mad I just pity your mental condition and the fact you derail every thread by assuming its all about you and your vast ego.I was responding to the other guys statement, sadly he seems no brighter than you are.

I seen that thread you made, you want to consider the reporting via the timestamp on the server replay feature.

These players are genuinely griefing and exploiting that they aren’t the ones doing it.

Don’t care, you were referring to me, and you can get acted upon like you proclaim is unfair… I don’t call you names or abuse you, and THAT is why you get acted upon now… You can’t actually help yourself, and your intention in keeping this going is to make the thread derail, so please, stop derailing the thread.

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I figured as much, which is a gamble in of itself but it’s up to the individual to roll the dice or not.

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Dont bother im putting you on ignore so you cant harass me ,goodbye lunatic

Finally taking your own advice, but still with the insults… smh…

Welp, we’ll see what happens. I don’t expect anything competent out of Gaijin.

I’d even mentioned a long while back that I’d happily help out and even to the point that I WAS keen to actually do things, but wishie turned about and made out I was a terrible choice because he disagreed with my stance on something… Much the same as this guy that’s jumping in here making trouble.

I do want progress in this game, but seeing the unappreciative and combative posts that come from here, it makes for a big question as to whether or not I’d even want to.

But then I see reddit showing many commenters here TKing and being stupid, it makes it clear that something needs to be done.

Like, a whole team gets wiped out by a squadron squad, and nothing was being done so that got handed to a senior GM to suss out.

A player here hands out advice on how to exploit, and I found evidence of it happening in the game, put it on the forum here and because of who I was, not what it was, it was opined that it wasn’t exploiting.

Turns out it actually was.

The best option would be to implement something similar to counter-strike system, where player of certain rank could watch random replays of matches with ‘suspected’ player and later make a report about it.

If enough people marked a player for being ‘x’ then it would be later seen by proper mods/admins.

Of course, for proper reports, players could get some kind of reward.

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That could be something, but it definitely needs something.

The amount of TKs that I’m genuinely seeing, for whatever reason, is actually getting out of hand.

Even on reddit, a retaliatory TK is being praised with karma, where it should be established that 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

The moderation has disappeared from the game itself, and people are getting stupid. I got killed in my SPAA earlier on, with 3 others, and the guy who got the kills was all abusive, and when I said about him being abusive, he was all ‘Lemme guess, you were one of them’ and I said ‘Yea, but that doesn’t change the fact of the matter’, to which he told me to end myself.

It’s just getting stupid how uptight and abusive people are in the game.

People see ‘fun’ differently and they are doing what they perceive as ‘fun’, nothing special about it.

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It’s pretty simple to see you’re an excuser or an arguer for the sake of it.

The fact you want to excuse the abuse for the sake of arguing with me, after having Bovey in here shows the same exact indicatable trait.

I’m not even disagreeing with You, I have just said that people will continue to abuse the system because they portray it as something ‘fun’ for it.

I’m always against teamkilling, as many people do that to me in SB. I belive there should be ranking system that would put all TK with each other in the same match.


By even explaining it away and making an excuse, you are making excuses.

Those that TK you in sim, are often misidentifying and actually haven’t got a clue, and your stat based matchmaking will not solve that. It’ll more compound it as the segregation you want, by lumping those who TK in with that fresh lot will make it harder on new players to get into proper matches.

But yes, both of these situations are visible and easily distinguishable because of the actual attitude of the player and the situation around such event and the fact of how they all react to the outcome.

They’ll keep abusing the system as long as they don’t see action on thier actions.

Btw i’d assume this is exactly what takes place after some regular TKing.
Because iirc 5th ban (i’m not sure which one exactly) - when i was already on reserves (so, with very weak machineguns and against all those biplanes which can sometime get a lot of bullets before actually being destroyed, if pilot is not killed) - i’ve got a ban after 3 matches, where i did only one TK in first match.

In 2nd and 3rd matches i just severely damaged a pair of planes from my team before being killed by other teammates. And still - upon exit from the third match got message that moderator imposed 24h ban.

And also the current 7-day ban was imposed after just a pair of combats with just a pair of TKs in each.

While during first 3-4 days i had to TK in 15-20 matches in a row to get a ban.

So, it looks like if someone starts TKing on a regular basis - after a few “slowly arriving” bans, consequent bans occur rather quickly.

Probably system has a list of players who had frequent bans recently, and when one of such players joins next match - one of moderators jumps into that match preemptively, to check whether given player will continue his activity, and thus should get another ban immediately.

But it loooks like this starts only on 4th or 5th ban in a row.

If that’s the tolerance, then the system definitely needs work.

That’s just so messed.