Remove friendly fire for Nuke planes

What skill are you determining to be the one permitting to match up people together,… especially TK players?

How can you ensure the same Queue Time (thing really appreciated by the highs up of Gaijin.Co)?

Are going to be baited in TK MM after missile TK?
(Even on a guns miss, as i explainned earlier in my posts- i was firing to an ennemy 0.6km aways, and i ended up killing an 1.6km away,… ally which was chasing another ennemy)

I don’t think “Skill” is the best word to described this feature.

But a “Shame” matchmaking for those who often TK allies should be done.

I have once talked about it.

Everyone starts with 1000 base skill points. When being in best 6 of the match You get +‘X’ points for win/lose and -‘X’ points for being in below 6 positions. (So score in the battle matters).

For teamkilling You get - ‘X’ points, etc. So in the end people who teamkill will be playing with only other teamkillers.

As i understand it, there is no hard cap.
So new players are playing with bad ones.

I doubt 250k would even be fair, maybe a ban for 2 day and a penalty of 150k sounds much better.

Just remove the TKers, as they’re obvious… The TK thread has one sitting there bragging about just getting 24 hour bans, constantly…

The system should pick them up as a repeat offender, and they should be removed automatically as the system actually should, or at least make them more visible to Game Masters.

TKing normal players should just acrue a number of points, but TKing the nuke plane should be more towards that tracking value, and should be even more of a priority.

It’s not that hard, and it’s not the matchmakers issue. That’s just avoiding this outcome and making a seeming ‘You’re bad, so here’s all the terrible and nefarious players to compound your trouble with the game. You may as well uninstall because you’re not that good’…

It’s dumb to even think that this would even be remotely acceptable because it’s not thought out.

I followed this thread and read a lot about adequate punishment for intentional team kills. You might find this thread interesting:

So from my pov you might adjust your punishment discussion to the current status quo…


i agree that you are rather sad… trollface

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The only sad ones are those who prey on their teammates.

Put the troll on ignore

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This is honestly one of the stupidest statements that people make on this forum on the regular… Putting people on ignore because you can’t handle thier opinion or thier statements, and recommending others do so makes the discussion and engagement gone.

TKers don’t deserve any quarter. If you don’t think they should be gone, then you’ve got a problem.

imho you missed the main point of the “ignore” recommendation in this particular case - imho it is based on the general attitude of this person, and not on the positioning regarding the general topic.

Even if i share your view on discussion culture in general - there is no need to discuss anything with anybody, not in irl or in this forum as long as you have serious doubts regarding the credibility of others or the actual willingness to have a discussion…


It’s the fact they, and many others, jump into things on the regular, saying to add people to the ignore list at all.

Not even I do that stupidity… I’ll tell you to leave the forum because you’re genuinely not actually holding a discussion, or even capable of being engaging in the slightest, but I don’t tell people to make and enforce echo chamber thinking.

I know for a fact that many have flying doctor on ignore.The fact we are having this conversation is down to the fact that trolls have totally derailed the thread.Not a moderator in sight and when they do appear they will most certainly ban the wrong guy and leave the troll free to create more havoc. The fact flying doctor is still on the forum at all is testimony to this.

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And so you bore us with your self obsessed egotistical diatribe on a post about something else. You are less trouble on ignore.No reasonable warthunder player comes on this forum for this drivel but its people like you who deliver this garbage and bizarrely you seem protected by the moderators.

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Three hours to think and you come back with that.Well done

I was asleep smartass.

Seriously, you guys need to pull those sticks because quite frankly, you guys are REALLY cut up by someone merely posting on the forum…

It’s more example on who needs to ACTUALLY be fixed compared to avoiding the consequences like we’ve got with this FF removal ‘‘option’’.

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He isn’t my friend, but I’m sure he’s come to realise how people manipulated him into acting on me the first time…


Funny ninja edit addition there… Yea, it would become more of an echo chamber.

And the fact you added pacifica in as well… Quite frankly, you guys really have issues and you guys need to sort them out.