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The sukhoi Su-47 was designed and developed by JSC Sukhoi Company in the early 1990s under the designation Su-37 during initial development. One of the distinguishing feature of the jet is it’s forward-swept wing, wgich gave the aircraft an excellent agility and maneuverability in sub sonic speeds.

The design of the wings also gave it the ability to alter it’s angle of attack and flight path very quickly while still retaining maneuverability in supersonic speeds.

The insperation for the Su-47 came from the captured german Junkers Ju 287 in the 1940s. USSR air force knowing the advantages of forward-swept wings tried to further develope this concept and explore how far they can go with this design filosofi.

The project was launched in 1983 on the order from the Soviet Air Force, to develope an aircraft using forward-swept wings. But when the USSR was dissolved, the funding for the project was frozen. But Sukhoi decided to continue the development but with only there own funding.

In the end the Su-47 ended up as a technology demonstrator for future Russian fighters, like the american counter part the Grumman X-29. Su-47 will go and influence the design chooises of many Russian jets like the Sukhoi Su-57 and so on. The forward-sweapt wing configuration was ultimately not pursued becouse it was mainly advantageous at transonic speeds, while normal wing design was superior at supersonic speeds.

An other images for u to admire ;)

The Su-47 is similar in dimensions to previous large sukhoi fighters, such as the Su-35. To make the Su-47 cheaper to develope they borrowed the forward fuselage, vertical tails, and landing gear from the Su-27 family. The Aircraft included a internal weapons bay, and had space set aside for an advanced radar.

Like the immediate predecessor the Su-37, the Su-47 is of tandem-triple layout, with canards ahead of wings and tailplanes. The Su-47 also has two tailbooms of unequal length in the outboard of the exhaust nozzles. They carry the rearward-facing radar and a breaker-chute.

The Su-47 had the ability to use thrust vectoring with the PFU engine modification witch gave it a thrust vecturing of ±20° at 30°/second in pitch and yaw. Witch supported the aircraft greatly with the agility gained by other aspects of the design.


Outline of the Sukhoi Su-47

General Characteristics:

  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 22.6 m (74 ft 2 in)
  • Wingspan: 16.7 m (54 ft 9 in)
  • Height: 6.4 m (21 ft 0 in)
  • Wing Area: 56 m2 (600 sq ft)
  • Airfoil: 5%
  • Gross Weight: 25,670 kg (56,593 lb)
  • Max takeoff weight: 34,000 kg (74,957 lb)
  • Powerplant: 2 × Soloviev D-30 F11 afterburning turbofan engines, 93.1 kN (20,900 lbf) thrust each engines with 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional thrust-vectoring nozzles.


  • Maximum Speed: 2,200 km/h (1,400 mph, 1,200 kn) / M2.21 at altitude 1,400 km/h (870 mph; 760 kn) / M1.12 at sea level.

  • Range: 3,300 km (2,100 mi, 1,800 nmi)

  • Service Ceiling: 18,000 m (59,000 ft)

  • G limits: +9

  • Rate of Climb: 233 m/s (45,900 ft/min)

  • Wing Loading: * 607 kg/m2 (124 lb/sq ft) max (approx.) 458 kg/m2 (94 lb/sq ft) normal (approx.)

  • Thrust/weight: * 1.00 max take-off weight 1.29 normal take-off weight.


  • Hardpoints: 14 (two wingtips, six-eight underwing, six-four conformal under fuselage).
  • Air-to-Air missiles: R-77, R-77PD, R-73, and K-74.
  • Air-to-surface missiles: X-29T, X-29L, X-59M, X-31P, X-31A, KAB-500, and KAB-1500.



+1 Who wouldn’t want backwards wing jet it will be great variety


Indeed it would! For some reason i have always found backwards wings jet to be intressting and unic! I’m currently working on more version of Backwards wing jets from US and other countrys!


Would be Great to see the others


You will be able to see them soon ;)


+1. I would love to see this in game


+1. I can’t wait for this to be added!

Tbh this would be great even as a premium. I would buy it because it’s soo cool and unique …

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This screams “crafting event vehicle” to me
+1 tho probably 2025 after more… conventional aircraft with R-77s, etc.

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Personally my favourite jet fighter ever. Would really love to have this in the game!

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were this and the US x-29 ever armed? just wondering as i know the x-29 i think was a proof of concept unless im wrong

Hello and thank you for the response!

So your question: Yes the SU-47 was armed with missiles and guns, and it fired them during testing too. For the US X-29 it had 2 prototypes one used by NASA and the other by the US air force, from what i know the US Air Force prototype was armed with cannons! But for the missiles i have no idea, i leave that to some one else who knows more!

I hope this awnsered your questions! And if there is more don’t hesitate to ask!

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The X-29 was not armed in either NASA or USAF airframes. The space that the donor F-5A noses originally used for the cannons carried extra avionics and test equipment.

I support your idea. I always love to play that plane back when I was playing ace combat games

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Would still like to see it wouldn’t be the first time gaijin armed a prototype the HO 229 is the best example


Not sure how much no gun will hinder this jet, but still want it in game.

The problem is that this plane would be terrible to fly,planes with such wings go into spins on their own, It is also worth mentioning that when we approach high speed,the wingtips lift up or down and the plane falls apart and there is nothing you can do about it,when turning, the plane can simply sleep, so apart from its appearance, it is not suitable for wt,The same applies to the x-29,such planes are good at low speeds, i.e. br 8.0-9.0, because there is no other option.

… And the more recent one would be the Yak-41.

The last boss when it comes to turn fighters. I wonder if they’d actually give this aircraft the R-77PD, I don’t know if it was even tested or produced. They’d probably have to settle for the R-77-1.