If we know what it would be armed with and the specs it can reasonably be added, we could get a lot of cool prototypes this way if we get the Bermuda I would love to see the YF-23 black widow

Will this thing fly like a brick like the rest of Russian aircraft at top tier ?

Doesn’t matter when you have to weapons to attack with.

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it does matter su-27 and the mig 29 suck at high alt they don’t retain energy to notch radar missiles

It doesn’t matter what the flight performance is like when you have no radar, no RWR, no gun, and no guided or unguided air to air or air to ground ordinance.

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gaijin gave the yak 141 missiles and avionics this is a non issue

And they said they would not do it again. If they add this then we are going to hard push for several unfinished projects. EAP, F-16XL… I can’t think of anything else.


It would just be the Yak-141 all over again…

“When YF-23???”, is basically the next step

Difference is that the YF-23 actually had avionics and provisions for weapons. This is just a tech demo that was never armed nor intended to be.

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+1, a very iconic Russian Aircraft with forward swept wings, sign me up.

Link to it preferably.

The Yak 141 was also meant to be a production aircraft, it got what it would have had if it were to enter service

whereas the Su-47 is a Tech demonstrator not meant to go into full service, like the EAP which Gaijin has denied it will be added, the Su-47 is no different


It came to me in a dream.

On a serious note I might be misremembering. I think it was related to the EAP in the RRD thread.


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Going to refrain from mentioning EAP. However here is the source.

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even if this is true gaijin has gone back on their word many times no top tier premiums flares on the f5c no modern jets and many other things

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For Russia to have a competitive 4.5th gen, I wouldn’t put it past them either.

I’ll be waiting for that day.

I have no doubts that Gaijin won’t add this thing, just look at it, there’s potential money to be made here, I’d personally drop a bag on it if it came as a premium. As for technology demonstrators, anyone would be crazy to think they won’t add things like the AbramsX, KF-51 etc.

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I’d say no to adding it. It sure is a cool aircraft, but it was never armed in any way, and didn’t even have a radar so idk why you say that it should be armed with R-77s. This is just a tech demonstrator to test tech they wanted to add to future aircraft, nothing more, nothing less.

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I dont have USSR tree grinded yet but working on it, would love to see more sukhois and especially this beauty in it someday.

I found another source that said that this thing was armed