Suggested details and improvements to War Thunder

If you have enough info, I’d do a bug report for them

You really think the lack of them would be classified as a bug by Gaijin?

Bug reports are used also for suggesting things missing from current aircraft

like I have one in currently for missing HUD symbology on the Tornado Gr1

So, maybe? I think things like missing fuel tanks would fall under a bug report to be passed on as a suggestion rather than as a forum suggestion.

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Ok, if you’re sure. Thanks for the advice.

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Also, if I wanted to suggest the addition of some new types of bombs to be added into a tech tree, where would I be best to make the suggestion?

New types of bombs would probably be a forum suggestion.

Like this is:


Hunting BL.755: Fury from Above

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So completely new additions: suggestion forum,
additions/alterations to already implemented features: bug forum.


Sounds about right

My Fair Lady Realization GIF

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Very funny.

I have decided to test the water with a report that the Swordfish can carry a 500lb bomb centreline, if any of you would like this acknowledged I would appreciate it if you hit the ‘I have the same issue’ button. Here is the link to the report.

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I hope the scenes around those land battle maps can be enriched. Many maps look like isolated cities with nothing around them. For example, Alaska and Sun City can have more architectural decorations around them, and the current version looks too ugly。Learn those aerial combat maps

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Or just fix them entirely to begin with. There is a bug with carriers atm where if their launcher is damaged, it tells you to stop moving to repair, but even so, it doesn’t allow you to. It’s been reported over 50 times and Gaijin has yet to do something about it.

i have noticed that cosmetic changes are implemented much faster than actual gameplay physics/ reality changes.

there are a lot of suggestions for design changes, ‘the handbrake on the tornado is all wrong’ kind of thing.

but actually little being done about blast mechanics through buildings/rocks/mountains as if they werent even there kinda changes.

and 1000lb bombs leaving next to zero crater and leaving building entirely unscathed, despite blatting everything in a half mile radius kinda changes

it cant be difficult as a blast works exactly the same way as a bucket of water would, its all fluid mechanics at the end of the day

I’d like to see an increase in the repair and firefighting radius when helping teammates. Same for the upcoming helping wounded teammates.

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Agreed, I always found it frustrating that your vehicle can have a glaring weak point that does not even function as it should, so you get none of the benefits of an extra machine gun, and all of the downsides.


I have now made a report on the Phantoms’ missing wing tanks. If this interests you, I would appreciate it if you used the link I have provided to hit the ‘I have the same issue’ button.


I very much agree, it is annoying that they couldn’t be bothered to model the function of all MGs they put on the vehicles they introduce.


We already had weather effects on the canopy. We also had cracks in the canopy, bullet holes and oil splashes. All of them have been removed…

oil splashes are still there

I haven’t seen any in years.