Su-39: R77,R27,R73

The least of my concerns in a top tier Air Realistic battle is any SU-25 variants with R-73s, they will always remain as free food until the end.

Although this still needs a lot of work which I agree on

great for you, it will be no concern in ARB, in the mean time it could terrorize GRB and SIM

Not as much of a threat compared to the MiG-27K (in my experience) in GRB but in Simulator sure but without a doubt no were near the level of the MiG-29 and its R-27ER.

The R-73 first needs to be worked on, tested on how good it is (when fixed) and if deemed reasonable added to the struggling SU-39 and SU-25T.

I am working under the additional assumption that they will get their thermal pod which they should get, and doesnt need to be AIR SIM , Ground SIM is a thing as well

Ground Simulator is more of a pain for CAS vehicles like the SU-39, the countless times I’ve died to allied Pantsirs in my SU-25T/SU-39 is crazy you wouldn’t believe me.

I’ve had much more success in Air Simulator casually destroying literal Fighters using my TWS to navigate myself to the enemy without giving them a lock ping on their RWR.

The devs are aware of this problem with the missile. At the moment the R-73 has a “temporary” setup autopilot based on a current config. The final R-73 autopilot will have an improved autopilot controller with an angle of attack, and this will solve most of the problems of these missiles.


Good to know!
(They probably should’ve waited on the CCs test drives until then lol)

ASB is where Im most scared of R-73s. Su-39 being premium has high potential to be a very common jet for SL farming, and it can be hard enough in some jets to evade the current IR seekers. A loitering Su-39 that I havent seen popping up from low alt and firing an R-73 from a reasonable distance could be quite common. Just hope MAWS is rolled out soon

Yeah I really wanna see MAW on the Harrier GR.7 and J-8F, this will make life easier for many people and add a new dynamic to the game. The major update isn’t too far away and we’ve seen the first vehicle of the update already.

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yeah, 20th ish of Sept I reckon, or at least it usually is. I seriosuly hope Britain gets something ,any thing this update. we need something.

i just hope they let us configurate our own MAWS, if it shoots our everything at once like with helis it wont last long

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Hoping RWR gets better as well. Would be handy if it could identify threats better

Yeah, some RWRs show if the bandit is a higher or lower altitude as well, this would help a ton in Air Simulator.

Just IFF and seperating air targets from ground targets would do for me nicely. But yeah, angle would be helpful too

Do you estimate this change would be in a small or the next major update?

While I definitely believe the Su-39 and Su-25T should get the R-73, I really don’t think the Mig-29 should get it just yet.

While it’s definitely bugged when it comes too the use of its thrust vectoring, it’s still a very respectable missle, and is 100% going to be a big leap forward over the R-60M. I’m this since I don’t think Soviet jet fighters at top tier are in need of them yet, as the Mig-29 and Yak 141 seem to be doing just fine right now.

Once the R-73 becomes unbugged I think it will easily be one of the best IR missles in the game, but on a platform like the Su-25 I dont think it will be an issue, as it’s still far from unflairable.

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IFF would be MASSIVE and can’t come soon enough

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it went for the explosion from a bomb rather than an afterburning target in front of it…
and seeing from the impact that it has on the gameplay of the su25BM… i can confidently say its a load of crap. the su 25 platform is done for in air RB and has no place there imo.
There was no survivability boost to it from the r73 and if anything, players were targeting it to get it out of the match quicker so as to not fall victim to chance.
and since R-27s to the su 25s arent going to be added, this thread was a failed cry from the beginning. imagine, an su25 with aim9Ls… oh wait, the A6E! and that thing gets cllobbered like, by all other jets, so yeah, R-73 did not help

We can’t say for certain that the R-27 isn’t going too be added, as the pylons for them were found in the files on the Su-39, just like the R-73 and Khod thermal pod.

Im hoping the devs have some more plans for the Su-39 down the road, they might just be waiting for a update too air battle ratings

simply put, seperate BRs for air and ground is the only long term solution