After SU25BM got r73, does it really worth 11.3?

The Su-25BM might have been a good opportunity for adding more advanced AGMs like the Kh29D’s or Kh-25MD’s.

The R73 is still bugged, you cant make any decision on it yet, until it is completly fixed

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my experiences with R-73 the way they’re implemented right now on the Su is while better than R-60 still mediocre

I may add that I think that Fox 2s in general have gotten worse over the last half a year and now I’d compare the current state of R-73 to 9Ls

gotten few hits with them in defensive situations, even fewer than with R-60M on the same airframe but I think the problem is just that the airframe wich after all is why they introduced them to it

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So you’ve gotten hits with them in the exact situation they are meant to be used for on a ground attacker. Sounds like they are working perfectly

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no I think you’ve misunderstood me

I use AAMs on that airframe only in defensive situations and most R-73s launched missed their target and I’ve currently been using them as if they were R-60M

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Ah… still, kinda glad they didnt make them completely OP, was expecting them to one shot everything at 10km and there be nothing you could do about it.

But had best render judgement in a few weeks. Been confirmed they only have “placeholder” guidance systems at the moment.

“The devs are aware of this problem with the missile. At the moment the R-73 has a “temporary” setup autopilot based on a current config. The final R-73 autopilot will have an improved autopilot controller with an angle of attack, and this will solve most of the problems of these missiles.”

that would explain why it acts like a mix between 9L and R60M

then let’s see if they update the Autopilot with the next major update or if we’ll have to wait longer for it

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Man if only all attackers were like this.

Instead, we have 90% of jet attacker players using them as air superiority fighters and stomping people who can’t dodge a 30G all aspect missile.

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Does Python 3 have this issue? To be honest when I use python 3, I don’t think it is much better than 9L

SU39T needs buff, it could carry 4 r73 and 4 KH29T, The loadout of su39 was wrong at all.

No idea, but probably unfinished

Do you mean we have python 3 in 11.0 doesn’t matter or 4*9L in 10.0 is okay?

I am really afraid they will make R73 or python3 like AIM9L last year, nothing could stop it, and A10 just like a monster kills everyone in 9L shot range.

Better than the alternative. Make the R-73 so completely OP that they could never be defeated and just be sniping things at max range. Kinda glad they are a bit weak

I support SU25BM delete the R73, whatever the R73 is, 11.3 is not a good BR for a SU25

R-73 is the new OP IR missile. Su-25BM at 11.3 could be like what the A-10 is at 10.3 with aim-9L. Just a WIP missile.

Considering we have Python 3, I don’t think R73 is much more OP than it, by the way, Kfir C.2 with 2 Python 3 is in 11.0

oh its is much more op, and this is still a bugged state and will be improved

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ok found a working link again

Dear Gajin,

the whole thing to try to change subsonic ground attack aircraft into air superiority fighters is just a huge desaster.

Just remove all these op all aspect missiles from Su-25’s and A-10s and give them less effective rear aspect missiles. So their BR don’t has to be too high.

Now its the R73 Archer missile, which is the most advanced IR short range missile currently ingame. Instead of adding it to a fighter, you decided again to combine a subsonic ground attack airframe with this op weapon. So what now??? Either letting it succumb to 4th generation jet fighters or lower its BR to a point, where we easily have another A-10 + Aim-9L @9.7 situation like it was a year back.

You can’t lower its BR to 11.0 or even lower without risking a massive imbalance to 10.0 and higher aircraft, which often have NO FLARES.

So please remove this R-73 thing from this arcraft, before consider to lower its BR.

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