Su-39: R77,R27,R73

I recently delved into researching the Su-39 and came across some fascinating information. Although it was primarily designed for close air support, I was astonished to discover that the Su-39 was also equipped with air-to-air combat capabilities.
However, my excitement waned when I realized that the representation of the Su-39 in the game War Thunder lacks historical accuracy. I found it disappointing that important missiles crucial for beyond visual range (BVR) engagements and dogfights, such as the R77, R27, and R73, are absent from its armament.
This raises a pertinent question: why would the developers include the Su-39 without considering its historical accuracy? The current portrayal makes it seem like the Su-39 is merely a copy of the Su-25TM with a different camouflage scheme. Equipping the Su-39 with the R77, R27, and R73 missiles would truly set it apart from the Su-25TM. The fact that the Su-39 has a distinct designation further implies that it should be treated as a separate aircraft requiring its own unique identity.

Moreover, it is worth considering that the Su-39 was not widely manufactured due to its higher cost compared to the Su-25. However, despite its limited production, the Su-39 possessed distinct features that differentiated it from other aircraft.

In light of these findings, it would greatly enhance the overall experience in War Thunder if the developers took measures to address the historical accuracy of the Su-39. By incorporating its proper armaments and distinguishing features, players would be able to enjoy a more authentic representation of this remarkable aircraft.


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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but War Thunder isn’t exactly ready for R-77s or R-73s. R-73s were tested in the Apex Predators dev server on the MiG-29 and found to be vastly too strong for the current game.

SARH/ARH missiles would only work with the radar pod and I’m not sure if the systems are ingame yet for radar missiles being reliant on an external radar pod, as this is (afaik) the first radar pod in the game.

Finally, Gaijin cannot make a premium at top tier, they will only go to 11.3 and no higher. Adding better missiles would no doubt bring it to 12.0 and would decrease it’s usefulness in Ground RB (which it was intended for, if you bought it expecting something else you made a poor decision), and they are unable to add top tier premiums anyway due to promises they made to the community.


here a official armament uploaded by rosoboronexport to backup ur photos

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I personally wouldn’t mind the R-73 being added to the Su-25T (limiting things to the Tech Tree variant seems somewhat reasonable to prevent proliferation and potential BR issues relating to the premium status of the Su-39 / Su-25T) as the introductory airframe for the missile as it would help get people ready for them to appear on a higher performance fighter and to judge if they were truly bearable as they are.

Though I would like it to be matched by similar Missile & Airframe(s) if possible e.g. A-7E w/ AIM-95, AIM-9L, -9M or -9R / Box Office , etc.

And I’m not sure about the R-27 & R-77 as they would potentially cause issues due to their performance edge over similar missiles leading to a pocket fighter ordnance load being optimal and not sufficiently interfere with the A2G loading of the airframe.


Aviation, Helicopters and Ground vehicles in premium rank VII no higher than 11.3

Su-39 could get R-27ER1 but can’t add ARM Kh-58E & Kh-31P, AAM R-73E & R-77 because increase BR to 12.0 or 12.3 and move to rank VIII but rank VII limit at 11.3

Honestly, even the R-27ER would likely result in the aircraft needing to get bumped to 12.0. The R-27ER is by far the best missile in-game currently. This whole suggestion, while historical, does not take into account the premium nature of this aircraft, nor game balance at all.


I wonder dev can add R-27R on Su-39 ?

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Adding R27 missiles to the Su-39 would not make it as powerful as the MiG-29, primarily due to the Su-39’s subsonic speed and limited maneuverability.


Hey, thanks for your support. I hope one day su39 will get the recognition it deserves.

On the current Battle Rating (BR) of 11.3, it is noticeable that every plane, except for the Su-39, possesses good radar missiles and maneuverability. In order to bring the Su-39 into balance with other aircraft, it would be beneficial for Gaijin to consider adding a missile such as the R-27, which is found on the MiG-29. This addition would compensate for the Su-39’s subsonic speed.

While the tests were conducted on supersonic jets, such as MIG29, there haven’t been any tests specifically performed on subsonic aircraft like the Su-39.

they can but they dont want

sure if u need anything just dm

also it would be nice if they add Khod FLIR pod



Of course not but the ER is an incredibly strong missile regardless of aircraft capabilities, and the MiG-29 isnt as good at ground strike as the Su-39 either.

I think at least Su-39 sell better in gaijin market

So the best way is add Su-25TM in tech tree under Su-25T at rank VIII because copypaste of Su-39 but Air-to-Air Missile full option, and take ARM Kh-58E & Kh-31P

Su39 can’t have any of this things:

  1. thin air
  2. altitude
  3. high speed
    Any missile mounted on Su-39 would use its own potential energy, instead of using those 1.2.3.

F16 is a versatile fighter/attacker, by having a combination of these it does not mean that it would be better as a fighter but it just can perform multiple roles.

The imparted deltaV of the R-27ER is 33% higher than its next competitor, the AIM-7F/M and almost 50% higher than the SuperTEMP, while the closing speed of 2 ~M1.0 jets is ~600m/s. Even at low altitude and fired from transonic speeds, the pK% of the R-27ER is EXTREMLY high within 10km. The Su-39 being subsonic is largely irrelevant to this missile, as its almost always fired sub 10km anyways, where the time to target is so low that the subsonic speed of the Su-39 would be barely noticeable to the missile performance.

You clearly have a poor understanding, or are just pretending to be willfully ignorant of just how powerful this would make the Su-39, PARTICULARLY since it can carry so much ordinance and is borderline immune to IR missiles with its CM suite.

Providing any of the missiles you suggested because it “could” carry them would be a horrible balance decision and would make the strongest mixed attacker aircraft in-game be a premium.


I ALSO forgot to add that the R-27ER imparts that deltaV much quicker than the AIM-7F/M (9 seconds vs 16.5 seconds) meaning that its even BETTER at sub 10km head-on shots, which is one of the reasons why this missile is so oppressive.

I knnow that R27ER is op, that would make su39 as a flying truck with 2x good missiles (like A10 early).

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