Su-39: R77,R27,R73

Why should they add same plane twice? Although they do such things… M46 and M46 “Tiger” and etc…

Lightning F6 and Lightning F53 are the same jet. The F53 is just the export version of the F6 and iranians slapped some rocket pods onto it.

If it has strong BVRs and IRCCM IR seekers. Could end up at 12. Even higher with Fox 3

Appreciate the info, I wasn’t aware that they were the exact same plane. Tho if they really are the same plane then I doubt we’ll ever get the Su-25TM as a separate vehicle from the Su-39.

The SU-25TM could in theory carry the Kopyo Radar but it was the SU-39 which actually carried it (the export variant). It never just the “ability” but it was a known clear fact that it could carry the R-77, the R-73 and R-27.

The difference between the SU-39 and SU-25TM was that the SU-39 was equipped with the R-77 and R-27 unlike the SU-25TM for export purposes (which in my eyes is more of a good enough reason to separate both vehicles). Yes the SU-25TM is technically the same as the SU-39 but I can’t say the same thing in the Air to Air department.

I’m making a clear distinctive difference so people don’t get both vehicles mixed up, and this is especially important when we got the export sub variant in-game.

There is still a chance for us to get the SU-25TM in the Soviet Tech Tree, Gaijin can be kinda goofy when it comes to the addition of certain vehicles and they can easily make loopholes and just claim the SU-25TM as a “earlier variant” to pump more cash from the vehicle.

We do have some that had it, and pretty much all top tier helis in-game had it IRL.

How renaming of aircraft gives ability to use R-27/R-77?? Su-25TM has absolutely same armament as Su-39 because they are literally the exactly same planes.

Gaijin “may” say something akin to “the Su-25TM never carried these only the Su-39 did” and give them to the Su-39 but not the Su-25TM. Which would be a total BS response, but it could happen. Though more likely I think is the other way round. The Su-25TM to get those when added and the Su-39 to not, at least not straight away because of its premium status

Gaijin is free to balance planes by armament anyhow they want.

To be clear. Here is “Su-39” (Hull number “21 white”, factory index T8TM-4, factory number 0102) at MAKS-2005


At same time it’s oficially Su-25TM(-4)



Yeah that would be utterly ridiculous right? Glances at the A-10 late and early*

Real talk tho I don’t think gajjin will separate the export intended version and domestic one since they are already working on giving the Su-39 the ability to carry said missles anyway through Datamined and if that was their intention to split them then they probably would of done it from the get go with the tech tree variant being a Su-25TM but instead we got the Su-25T.

Well if you wanna be all technical, some SU-25UB trainers were actually redesignated the SU-39 as well but that isn’t the one we got in-game eh? Let’s just agree to disagree and call the vehicle by what it is called in-game, which is the SU-39.

Oh yeah and the SU-39 was equipped with the R-27 and R-77 for export purposes, the SU-25TM was never fitted with them that’s what separates the vehicles even if they’re the same or not

REBUILT, not jus redesignated. And only Su-25TM(39) rebuilt from Su-25UB was the first prototype of Su-25TM(39) T8TM-1 that was rebuilt from Su-25T T8M-1 that was rebuilt from SU-25UB.

It was

It doesn’t

It’s stupid
You are just posting full nonsense

REBUILT , not jus redesignated. And only Su-25TM(39) rebuilt from Su-25UB was the first prototype of Su-25TM(39) T8TM-1 that was rebuilt from Su-25T T8M-1 that was rebuilt from SU-25UB.

No, some SU-25UBs were designated the SU-39 as well with virtually no upgrade to them, the reason behind this I don’t know.

“The Su-39 designation had reportedly been applied to a totally un-related tandem two seat aircraft with retractable tricycle landing gear” - Global Security

Source: Su-39 Frogfoot

It was

I’ll repeat this again, the SU-25TM was never fitted with the R-27 and R-77. The SU-39 was and the reason behind this was for export purposes nothing more and nothing less.

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There is a difference between “didnt” and “couldnt”

It may have never been operationally fitted with those, but may very well have been able to be fitted with them.

I wanna say, none of this debate Matters if Gajjin refuses to acknowledge them as different aircraft, or if they just have no intention of ever separating them. Given that we see datamined files showing the R-27 being added as a possible future upgrade too the Su-39, I think it’s more plausible that Gajjin is going to move the Su-39 up once it can and buff it then.

True, this really just depends on Gaijin at the end of the day. I couldn’t care less if the SU-25TM was introduced, if it gets the same loadout or if Gaijin acknowledges it as the same vehicle, I only care about if the vehicle is playable or not.

I mean, can you blame him? That is usually the case, especially here on the forums lately.

You try to mention a buff for non US/RU? You get met with a lot of “too bads!” And “that’s just how the game is”

I’m all for buffing underperforming aircraft but we need to either buff all under performing aircraft or it’s gonna be none at all, not this picking and choosing we have going on.

The other fun this is when you try to bring up a unhistorical, if iffy, upgrade that could be added(again, to non US/RU vehicles) people will shout you down and say it’s not historical. Those same people will ignore the changes to make other vehicles playable(f-5c comes to mind and the nerfed F-4F)