Vympel R-73 'ARCHER' - History, Design, Performance & Discussion

I think it was devserver 2 where they were cracked:

There is a report on the R-73, currently it appears the IRCCM is not functioning as well as it should. This may be buffed. There are also open reports on maximum overload which should increase it from 40 to 60G.

I need to do further testing, but it appears the seeker lock-on range is insufficient and the missile itself has underperforming range.

I’m of the opinion that most of the shots in this video were heavily cherry picked from the second dev server, and the missile has seen multiple changes since. to to to to to (part 1) (part 2)

Also, iirc I remember hearing recently that he said something about having insane seeker range which was quite off since that was changed while dev server was still live iirc. Not sure which of these is first, second dev or whatever.

Yeah I know it’s changed a bunch since, point is that at one point it was a very powerful missile, and people had reason to question it’s inclusion with the best SARH missile. Currently it seems like garbage in game and definitely needs more work (that PID for example really sucks)

The PID is fine, the thrust vectoring implementation is difficult. I agree, at one point it was way over the top but it was fixed relatively quickly and people knew what to expect… Yet still opposed it.



Who’s excited for the TOTALLY not OP, super duper balanced R-73!

Haha, amazing

R73 pulling an AIM-95 Agile bruh

Definitely not intended tho, even in files it should not be able to track a target beyond 45 degrees and it shouldn’t even extend beyond 75 degrees

This issue extends to all air to air missiles. Most just do not have the turn radius to regain sight of target before break-lock time explodes the missile… lol

Ah, yeah it was probably on the edge of that funny timer phase where the seeker will ‘extend’ out past the gimbal limit and it caught him in time because he didn’t maneuver.

Like this?

Also, is this behavior or the self-destruction of missiles a realistic thing at all?

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Yeah same issue, and no. Not all missiles self-destruct.

I hope any day gajin fix R-73 flare resistant better AIM-9L 5% or 8%

So, it’s hard to tell but it looks like that guy is flying straight with AB. Doesn’t maneuver and doesn’t flare. Yeah, the 73 turns like crazy but if he had turned off AB, flared and turned it would have likely missed…

that is maximum somebody can do sir after preflaring

It’s a difference of 3 buttons or flying straight. There are a lot more ways they can do things but what I mean is they can literally drop a flare(Not even a lot), pull off AB, and turn off. No crazy turns, just a sharp turn and boom, done.

like what? others are dodging

You COMPLETELY missed the point of that video, and why the R-73 is concerning in the first place…

Besides the fact that its the second most flare resistant plane launched IR missile in the game rn (narrowly beaten by the R-27R, but it crushes every other IR missile with a tiny 1.5° post launch FOV, with the next closest being 2.5°), the missile is maneuvrable enough to be fired at you in situations where with any other vehicle, youd think you were safe.

It makes proper threat identification and classification MUCH more difficult when the plane doesnt have to be pointing its nose at you, and can even be flying in the complete opposite direction when shooting at you.


I didn’t know the R-27R was resistant to flares. Tbqh I didn’t even know it could sense / see flares so I’d like to learn more about this. ;)

Yes, the R-73 drastically reduces its’ range when maneuvering high-angle off-bore though. If you’re >2km from him and he’s more than 50 degrees or so nose pointed away from you… you’re more or less safe. Even if he does launch a single flare is usually more than sufficient to stop it currently.

Of course that will change. The R-73 has several open reports right now and is SIGNIFICANTLY underperforming.

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