Spawn Camping, worse than ever, killing the game

I can’t speak for ground AB or SB, but in ground RB I have not had a single game in MONTHS that wasn’t a steamroll victory for one team or the other. One team wins 2 or 3 firefights, gets an advantage, and turns that advantage into spawn camping for 10 minutes straight. It is completely demoralizing and IMO ruins the game, especially for people who don’t have hundreds of dollars invested in the game and feel the need to justify it to themselves in some bizzarro way in order to cope. I think at the very least we need BR decompression. take ground forces up to 15.0 and spread them out more. the other option, which seems to ALWAYS backfire with Gaijin, is redesigning the maps to make this not possible. I was playing Kursk single cap (in the plaza area by the river) today and had an L-62 ANTI 2 sneak all the way around using the bushes on his tank and the forest to conceal him. He got BEHIND the singular spawn point and was just mowing down everyone who spawned before anyone could register what was happening or turn their turrets.


Spawn camping IS the game. The game is just 100% about getting the best score, there is nothing else to it. Do it any way you can without cheating ,that’s it, there is nothing more to War Thunder.

I have played well tonight using my favourite line up at favourite BR . I had the uptier ,down tier and everything in between. I used CAS, I camped,sniped .Yep it was good.
We got steamrolled by them having four level 100s in the team but it was one game then we did the same to them.

I think its mostly mood based and yes,some BRs just suck ,they are no fun but it’s mostly player mood ,the game never really changes if I’m honest. Tomorrow when I am not in the mood for WT and doing badly it will the worst game on the planet :)


Just treat spawns as bases, objective is to win by tickets, take caps, and destroy the enemy. Constant uptiers dont help and never does crew lock when you know your being steam rolled and you have to spawn. Just seems to me gaijin wants faster games. Enete0r enemy spawn is never a good idea so dont worry about it

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That sounds more like a teammates issue. If you get clapped in spawn once by someone behind you, you’d imagine the next time you spawn in you nail his ass. Only reason he got away with it is that people kept doing the spawn in herpa derpa hit W move out thing.


To elaborate a bit further; spawn camping sucks when you’re on the receiving end, not going to lie, it infuriates me from time to time. Then again, there’s usually a sequence of events that preceded it; such as leaving a flank wide open giving enemy time and ability to actually get in position, or having lost all caps and not having enough firepower to get them back.

Unfortunately most players have the situational awareness of a damp coconut and will just gladly ignore anything to do with tactics or “clever” gameplay in favor of hit W pew pew pew.

Does it suck when that greedy goblin shows up 2 minutes in to the match and starts spawn camping? Sure does, but then again, there’s usually enough people on the field that can swing back and ruin his day - more often than not, if it’s a few enemies doing it, they get clapped, and suddenly the match is now going in your favor because it leaves fewer of them in the field.

And let’s be real, the complaining only happens when it’s done to you. When you’re the one doing it to the other team, nobody makes a sound.

Also known as: sometimes you’re the bug, sometimes you’re the windshield.
(yes, I am that old - for those who spot the reference)


I’ll take MM player performance indexing for 12,000 RP Alex.


I saw it twice today where we had multiple CAS inbound, and instead of either hitting the guy on the map in red that was firing into the spawn, they decided to fly past to get revenge on whomever destroyed them.

Even when we finally knocked them out, the other team was taking a flag and yet again, CAS flew past to bomb the enemy spawn… morons.


Swallow your tears, buddy. The blame lies with the slow RP grind from the gaijin; if it were faster, you can bet I would be advancing and dominating positions fearlessly, something I only do in the top tier. By the way, the T90M is the last top tier that I grind in this game – after that, never again! I’m tired

Use yiur map often, siunds like some dont even look to select spawn point

I’ve noticed that more often than not one of two things happen when my team is spawn camping: either they all get themselves killed and then the team is down several players which allows the enemy to push back OR the enemy starts taking the cap points and the spawn campers completely disregard the fact we are now losing. So I do complain.

The first is what happens when people start spawn camping early; they get clapped and if you’re unlucky, they’ll ODL back to garage. If you’re lucky they’ll come back in another vehicle but it takes time. The second, yeah, see my comment about the damp coconut and spatial awareness - unfortunately that shit cuts both ways :(

And yes, I do complain about the same :) It’s more the case that the people doing the spawn camping aren’t going to refrain from it because it’s cheap and easy kills, but they’re usually also the loudest screamers when they’re being spawn camped. (I mean there’s one … or a few… youtubers out there who spawn camp like crazy, yet when it’s done to them they bitch about it :D)


I mean people dont want to hear it for some reason, but simply dont let the enemy team take the advantage.

Cant do it on your own? Thats part of the experience, its team based game after all. You win some you lose some.

Spawncamping isn’t the problem, if it’s happening then it’s just that you lost the game badly.
The problem lies in balance, maps and shitty BR distribution


In games like this where its a brutal stomp and the enemy is in the spawn, I just leave the game. i dont want to give the enemy the SL and RP from just mowing me down, or the satisfaction of bullying. Ill just accept the crew lock for like 4 minutes and look at my phone. If its happens super soon and in like 5 mins they are in spawn, I just abandon my team and lineup and leave the game lmao. Not giving those ppl the satisfaction.

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That’s been asked for since the game existed pretty much but the snail refuses. Apparently it’s to prevent bad people from noticing they’re bad.

Use the other spawn

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Dont do this. We actually lost this match due to a 3 man squad plus 1 at enemy spawn to the south east. They did not score for the entire match and should of helped at A

When will people realize that you can’t be spawn camped if you leave the match….the only reason spawn camping occurs is because people keep spawning….

I’ve never understood why people spawn knowing there are 10 barrels pointing at them.


Tbh if i could leave match due to being steam rolled and with out crew lock i would do more often than waiting for match to end in spectator view

Sometimes I will because I can usually take at least 1, maybe 2 of those 10 barrels with me and it pads my score and SL payout in the end. Sometimes I don’t bother. Depends on how annoyed I am :D