Remove/ fix random spawn

So many players just spawn with out looking at the map. If you had to select spawn via clicking on the map you would actully have to look at it and see spawn campers and also stop the lemming train at start.

There is no random spawning of the 2 points, its all ways the same 1.

Following screen shots shows its not random at all but just a default spawn location




You do realise auto spawn is to stop afkers right?

He probably meant auto spawn selection instead of automatic first spawn enforcement. So you have to select spawn point before spawning in.


Eh it gives you plenty of time to choose, not the games fault they cant choose in 20 or so seconds

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This is serious. You would think that your be randomly at 1 of the 2 spawn points but you allways spawn at the same one just by clicking To battle. This is from the first day you play. Why should something automatically influence where you spawn. It says auto random spawn point but its not

Now that you mention this… Fix this for sure, random should be random.

And whoever said it was about AFKers is talking nonsense.

I have added a bug report // Issues i dont know when it lost random

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To be honest with you, it’s likely even been years since I’ve actually had a random spawn, because it’s always been that one spawn that everyone ends up at. (I wouldn’t even think it’s just RB, I’d assume it’s map related, or even client related)

Just one of many things that could be improved with the entire spawning system. It has been in need of an overhaul for many years, in all modes actually. “Spawn Rage”(which we still have) led to massive team killing and the automated tk system and had a great influence on the eventual disabling of friendly fire.
If it were up to me(which it ain’t) some of the changes I would do are:

  1. NO maps, in any mode would have less than 2 spawn points.
  2. Remove the markers for enemy spawns, only show the blue ones to each team there on the mini map. Spawn campers could still do their thing, just have to look & work for it a little more.
  3. Remove player’s choice on first spawn only, divide the teams in half and place them in the spawns using Squads and such to determine who goes where, still a random spawn, but not ALL in one default spawn point. This causes a great deal of imbalance in the matches before they even start. Players would then have the option to select a spawn point when respawning.
  4. In order for #3 to work better, maps should have more variety, no more single layouts and static map designs. Add 2 - 3 more variants per map for spawn locations and cap points . . . variety is a good thing. This would give players a chance to try and do more than just the same thing over & over every time they play a certain map. (They have brought back an old Carpathians layout with a second spawn point added back in from WAAAAY back, and it is just so refreshing to have that instead of the same old one layout as before, kudos Gaijin, do more!!)
  5. Remove “join in progress”, this does not benefit the players in anyway, just supposedly lessens wait times. I am not convinced it does and believe it causes more problems than it solves. (Imagine popping a 500% booster and hitting the To Battle button, only to get tossed in a game that ends before you even get anywhere?? . . . CRINGE!!)
    6)No Weapons can be fired for :20 - :30 after everyone spawns in . . at the same time. A game should start when everyone is ready, once all are connected and able to spawn, short timer countdown and off we go, together . . at the same time.(may be problematic when players disco, needs some work, but an idea anyway) no one can fire until that timer runs down to :00. This is already in game in the Duel events and should be pretty easy to implement(in theory) and would maybe not solve, but lessen a great deal of problems with spawning and TK’s.(Imagine, an Air RB match starting and no goobers blasting the entire team with rockets on the runway . . just wow)
    At any rate, these are some ideas I have had for a while now that, I believe, would greatly increase the enjoyment and the quality of game play all around if they were to be used. Some things would take some getting used to, but in the end . . I think we might all have a little more fun and better games
    just a thought on my part . . . sorry for length, not easy to be “terse” with something like this . . . . lol

You got some good points, but 3 and 6 i think are bad. 3 its the first tactical decision to select spawn and type of unit, ie rush/ brawl, snip/ flank, support. Problem with 6 for tanks are smoke and clearing obstructions, for air its a good idea as everyone dislikes team kill on take off

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No its,
IF SPAWN$=“auto random” THEN SPAWN$=(RND (1,2)) ELSE

Its just a simple line of code to make it work

I agree with all but #3 and maybe #6.

#3 prevents people from using the tanks they have tactfully, Some tanks will work better in some parts of a map than others. I don’t want to be playing a tank, and being forced to go into an unfavourable place.

#6 could cause issues in GRB if you meet an enemy too early, or if you want to use smoke shells. In ARB this should 100% be added tho.

But they don’t, that’s the problem, many either do not know how to select their own spawn, are too lazy or just not aware of what’s the better option, and it doesn’t show how many are spawning on each spawn point until AFTER everyone has spawned in . . . this is a big problem in my eyes, especially in ground battles. Another thing I did not mention that is also at the root of this spawning problem is, there is no “command structure”, everyone is a general . . . I like the “freedom” aspect of that, but it goes completely against any military “chain of command” ideal, which as most know is the base of all military organizations. By selecting the spawn for everyone, and just the 1st spawn mind you, there is some structure added . . . at least at the beginning. We all know everyone is going to go do their own thing and that’s cool, that’s how I play as well. But, having some semblance of “order” might make the games a little more balanced, to a degree, and at least even things out. I would wager the majority of players wouldn’t mind this because they don’t really care where they spawn to begin with. Basically, all it would do is make 2 lemming trains which would be shorter . . . prolly. Only way to know is to test it or try it out and see how it goes . . . . Assuming that players are making “tactical decisions” before the game starts based on their spawn point is kinda grasping at straws . . . to me anyway.
And there is literally no reason to fire weapons or any kind right at the start while still in your spawn . . . unless you’re just trolling and trying to annoy your team mates . . . which is not a good thing.

You would be able to see the spawn that is selected for you to start with, so you would have time to change your tank selection before everyone spawns. Another reason to make balanced line ups, instead of, for example: an all bomber line up and then being mad because the game gives you an Air Dom match. A bomber line up would kinda suck and leave you in the lurch so to speak, whereas a line up with 1-2 bomber/attackers and some fighters can do any map with a fair degree of effectiveness.
This vehicle selection would be the “tactical decision” the OP mentioned in his reply.
Think of it as “getting orders”, in real life a solider does not get to pick & choose, they get their orders and carry them out. This would not be exactly like that, but closer to it than what we have now.
Currently we have - throw everyone into a certain spot(s) on the map and press go . . . 90% of the time it is complete chaos . . . no order, not efficient and can and usually is a buzzkill anyway.

You would not necessarily have 2 lemming trains, as most players know the role of there tanks even though i see many that dont. As for guns at start if your in a light tank or a t54 that is rushing a CAP you want to get there fast and you need guns to clear obstacles that slow u down like, bushies, fences, gates walls etc. About command structure i guess join a squad for that.

Correct, but that doesn’t account for you either not liking the chosen spawn, or not having the right tanks for that spawn.

That would be nice if you were actually able to fill out all types of tanks in a lineup, and with some lineups you just can’t. France 7.7 has several tanks, but they all play exactly the same way, and they aren’t that different.

This is a video game, it shouldn’t force me to spawn in an unfavourable position for no reason at all.

This is beginning to get on my wick. I put bug reprt in and it got shut down right away, with its not been changed and is not broken.
t is broken, every match auto random spawns puts everyone at 1 spawn location. I am getting really annoyed that my teams in every match just spawn in 1 location and creats a lemming train

Gaijin are in denial