Should the Ho-229 get it's bombload?

According to this book (Horten Ho 229 Spirit of the Thuringia) the intended armament is 2X 30mm Mk103 or 4X 30mm Mk108 with the ability to carry fuel tank or replace the fuel tanks under each wing with a bomblaod of 2X500kg under each wing carried using ETC 503 Wikingerschiff external attachment pylons



I believe a suggestion to give it access to bombs was passed to the devs.


Changing a old modell is not what gaijin usually does. But if bombs were planned then it should get it

i mean they have been updating models, but at a very slow pace

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adding bombs would sikgehabdedly make this my favorite aircraft. Feeling like i’m playing stealth bomber I think could be really fun. Even though the payload is small, I thin it would be very fun.

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There is no β€œgood will”

This is a historical vehicle that made it to limited testing, Gaijin added it early on in game development when modern jets were a pipe dream. This aircraft is/was meant as an attraction, and shows the limitations of gaijins FM modeling at the time by having an invisible β€œrudder” instead of developing the correct control surface modeling.

Their not known for doing it but have been doing it a lot.

This was 2 years ago damn i am late