RB ho229 needs to repair the engine and rudder efficiency and return to 7.3

Ho229 can’t compete with other 7.3 fighters in most cases.The problem of jet engine efficiency is particularly prominent, while the propeller plane facing the enemy lacks maneuverability, which is weaker than almost all jet/propeller fighters (F80, R2Y2, P51H, spitfire, F8F, F4U …) at the same time. According to the official B&Z tactic HO229, in most cases, it will be attacked by enemy planes in the process of accelerating separation.The head-on attack also has the problem of dispersion caused by the properties of pod guns.
I have enough driving experience to prove that I am not a novice, and the actual situation now is that the vast majority of HO229 players drive badly, because ho229 is so bad that even if it has been reduced to 7.0, it can’t be saved, so please restore a certain amount of engine efficiency and handling performance to him, and it may be a better choice to return it to 7.3.
My previous article disappeared, so I simplified the description. My suggestion is to restore the engine and rudder efficiency of ho229 to the original value (before the secret change) and let it return to the range of 7.3-8.3 in order to increase the gameplay. Let it stop being a cannon fodder plane. I hope technicians can read this suggestion. Please leave a message if you need to know more details.


Why does the title say rudder efficiency, the Ho doesn’t even have a rudder. Flying wings can be difficult to handle because they use elevons.

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The “rudder” effect is broken. If you fly in tv with auto trim enabled you can see the drift and one wing tab stick out more than the other.

I tried to report this bug with several others but the technical moderators resorted to willfull ignorance.

i think he meant pseudo rudder

Should also get it’s HVAP back then.

Brother, thank you for your concern and reply. Maybe you don’t know enough about HO229 or my description is not accurate enough. The control performance of ho229 is also composed of horizontal rudder (the default key of Q-E keyboard) and elevator. The horizontal rudder is located at two wingtips and two small speed brake.
At present, the performance of rudder in the current version is almost zero or the efficiency is extremely poor, and the efficiency of elevator is also problematic. The most intuitive thing is that the change of angle is not proportional to the reduction of speed during maneuvering.

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I only fly ho229, so I know the problem you mentioned. This BUG was very serious before. Specifically, continuous small-scale lifting at high speed will lead to wing tip fracture, out of control and crash. Because in most cases, the broken wings of ho229 will directly get out of control.
Now this kind of situation rarely happens, but the little speed brake (rudder) at the tip of the wing still has the problem you described.

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If you drove ho229 a long time ago, the current weakening is largely due to its strong ground attack.
So they reduced the number of HVAP and even its maneuverability. But it’s unfair to ho229 players, so maybe we should get him out of his wheelchair before he runs. So it is unrealistic to talk about the recovery of HVAP. At least I don’t think Gaijin will return HVAP to ho229 before fixing other problems.

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Nerfing in like 2017 or something because we didn’t have radar SPAA and whatnot lol, it’s the usual Gaijin nonsense where they nerf things based on current meta and then forget things and leave it nerfed literally half a decade later.

Same thing with the Kugel, doesn’t’ get HVAP, but Russia does get full HVAP in their SPAA of course.

Although I am reluctant to discuss gaijin’s business operation concept, many people actually know their strategies very well. Even a fool who drives su11 in RB can easily achieve high grades. Ho229 retains the original settings, but the comprehensive ability has been modified, which is neither fish nor fowl.
The reduced weight of ho229 at 7.0 is more like the feed for gold coin players and ordinary players. Although this description is radical, it is a fact.
Therefore, I try to comprehensively consider and put forward reasonable suggestions to balance and increase playability. Now the flying wing fighters in the game are just outdated propaganda materials, which are discarded like toilet paper, and the mobility and high speed no longer exist.
Well, who cares? After all, no one plays ho229 anymore. Sometimes I even want to give up these useless suggestions.
But I still like this fighter and WT. …

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229 stopped being relevant when we got 262s with similar and better loadouts on a platform that is actually useable, it’s just a shame all the historical and interesting vehicles take a back seat to selling unknown prototypes. Fact we don’t have a Maus in the TT anymore being the prime example.

And give it it’s bombs pls

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