Fix the Horten

As everyone knows the Ho-229 was nerfed so many times in the last yrs when it was first introduced the 229 was a strong aircraft bc simply there wasn’t anything to compete with it and in GRB there wasn’t any radar SPAA or good SPAA around its BR but now things have changed now almost every nation have a plane that can compete and even out perform the 229 and the introduction of newer better SPAA around 7.0 to 8.0 make the 229 no longer a big threat in GRB.

I see no reason for the nerfs on this aircraft to stay at first it got its roll rate nerfed making aiming harder, then the rudder got nerfed making it not yaw as it use to be making it less stable and effecting the recovery after rolling making aiming more annoying, then it got it’s engine nerfed making acceleration and top speed lower, then the guns got nerfed (shootgun effect) making it less accurate, then the HVAP belt got nerfed the Mk103 use to have pure same as the M53/59 plus the penetration of the belt got nerfed it used to be 95mm (which is historically proven and documented) now it’s only 77mm (the M53/59 is allowed to have 91mm for some reasons).

Plus the 229 have the ability to carry bombs and this suggestion about this topic passed the consideration on the old forum but it didn’t receive any.


It should have the ability to equip with different 30 mm cannon:

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I am giving up man apparently if it’s not russian no one cares plus this community already hate germany


Doesn’t ingame horten is already mix of several prototypes to make it better?

No the Ho-229 V3 was assembled by the USA, the plane itself is real all gaijin did was changing the engine and give it the better 004D instead of the 004B-1 but after that they nerfed the engine

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I sympathize with you as well. For example, I had extremely nice suggestions for the Ar 440 A, He 111 H-20, Ju 86 R-2, Ju 88 S-3, Ju 388 K-2, Ju 290 A-7/A-8, & the Spähkreuzer 1940, but since they are German, it takes 100 times the normal effort to get them even approved. I think that I will give up and post my suggestions in General Discussion instead


I want them all plus the He-280 this jet is awesome

I hope your suggestion go for consideration, for me i want to see these two in game



I tried to make some of suggestions my self but thay all get deleted so i am only focusing on this one now


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I will attempt to resubmit my Ju 290 because of this

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Dreams come true i guess

If it were a suggestion to nerf, they would immediately implement it.
t. butthurt about Ki-43-III Otsu

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The sole reason I even started playing WT back in the day was the Ho 229.
It’s probably the most nerfed plane in the game. I remember it was recieving nerf after nerf each update in 2018-2019.
The only buff it ever recieved (or was it a fix?) was that it no longer breaks wings after turning above 550kmh at the cost of a larger circle though.

BR should be 6.7.
Ammo belt should be restored back to full HVAP.
Bombs should be added to it since it literally won the contract for “1000” and bomb was a requirement!
It needed to carry a bomb of 1000kg for a 1000km distance at 1000kmh.


I run a simple test to see how bad the engine nerf is, the Horten use the 009D which suppose to be btter than the 009B, the D have thrust of 1050 Kgf (10.3 KN) and 10,000 rpm on the other hand the B have thrust of 910 Kgf (8.9 KN) and 8,700 rpm so when i run a test between the Ho-229 and Me-262 (both aced, minimum fuel) i found out that the Horten need 13.47 seconds to reach 100 km/h and the Me-262 need 13.8 second to reach 100 km/h (i started the timer when both planes reach the speed of 1 km/h)

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Fuel loading matters as we do not have custom fuel load slider (after 11 years of game’s existance for some reason). Me 262 is a gimped plane in WT to begin with and a lighter plane (about 1000kg lighter) than the Ho 229 believe it or not. Just like the Fw 190’s are all completely neutered planes. Nicknamed butcher birds have worse maneuverability in the game than russian medium bombers lmao. Anyway…

I remember some 2(?) years ago I was able to catch S.O.4050 Vautour IIN going full speed on ground level Afghanistan. I was redlining the Horten at 1150kmh
Nowadays it can barely get over 800kmh.
That’s a 25 % speed nerf.

Ofc it won’t the engine acceleration got nerfed to the ground

Some bug i found on the Horten

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Have mercy on 5.7 props. They cannot do ANYTHING to a Horten, other than in very good teamplay, and you know how that works in WT. Don’t let 5.7 props experience this: replay link (deleted)
It’s enough that the BI is 6.7 and completely terrorizes 5.7 whenever it appears, and same for the P-59.


Small message so this topic don’t get forgotten, so pls don’t forget the Horten

Just going to leave this replay here
replay link

They can definitely fight a horton and win pretty easily…

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My peer review: No.