Ju88 & Ju188 now cant carry more heavy bombs as Bf110

Both Bf110-C and Ju88 A1 / A4 / Ju188 can since a week carry only one 1000kg bomb.

Really? A strike aircraft now has the same bombload as a fully fledged bomber?

Befure the nerf, Ju88 A4 could carry 2x500kg and 28x50kg, now only 28x50kg.


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Because the Ju 88s have been heavily nerfed since this game’s release. I have reported this occasionally, but no one at gaijin wants to do anything about it:



Newest editions:




There is no nerf bro - it is customized layout.

You need to create your own loadout, just look at the update changelog.

Btw - i tested the Ju 88 A-1 a few days ago - the max bombload increased from 1.900 kg to 2.400 kg.

I am always a friend of constructive critics on gaijin, but imho the Ju 88 has now more effect in Ground RB. 2 x 500 plus 2 x 250 plus 10x50 for the A-4 is better than before - and if you equip your Ju 88 A-1 for Air RB with 4 x C 250 plus 28x50 u kill 2 bases with 2 C 250 on each base, so a major improvement to 2 x 250 + 28 x 50 before.

The overall incorrect payloads is true, but another story.

Really?!? Can you put up an image of this?

What is really irritating is that we still can’t get a basic payload of 1 x 1,800 kg bomb on a Ju 88 A-1 or A-4 or even on the He 111 & Do 217 eleven years after this game’s release, meanwhile guided bombs, smart bombs, retarded bombs, flying bombs, flame bombs, FAB 5000 bombs, whatever else bombs gets added in…Have they added (soviet) cluster bombs in yet?

No, no screenshots possible on xbox.

But you can equip 4 x SC 250 + 28 x SC 50 for the Ju 88 A-1…

I am not aware of any PTAB additions for USSR planes…

And i have no clue why they have weight limits on the 4 external ETCs - the historical 4 x SC 500 payload is stil not possible…

Don’t forget the missing bomb load of Horten Ho-229

No cluster munitions have added yet, also a lot of planes are missing ordnance options in game even the modern ones.

Not to this extent. But as stated above, why would you take a Ju 88 (which lacks its 2 x 1,000 kg or 1 x 1,800 kg) over the Bf 110? What is the point of it?

It’s amazing how Gaijin assumed dedication to realism and historical accuracy falls short when they try to add a bombload that already exists in game to other planes that are already modeled in game

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