Shaming AAA Campers

So, I looked over the rules and found nothing that explicitly states we’re not allowed to publicly shame players who infinitely camp AAA just to extend the match and get people to quit because they actually value their time. In fact, I’ve noticed some of these individuals use scripts to fly in formation around the AAA at all times.

So anyway, lets make a list of these individuals and publically shame them. Here I’ll go first.

The player [Name Redacted] was the last one alive, playing as a PBJ bomber, infinitely circled the AAA, which caused everyone on my team who had clearly won the match, to just leave to not waste their time.

In fact, he does this a lot. PBJ is his most played.

Edit: Redacted and removed stated player’s name and profile. It should also be said that on review of the replay, the stated player was clearly not scripting, but actually just AAA camped manually for 6 minutes. My teammates in this particular game didn’t leave, though I had originally thought they did, instead they died to AI planes trying to get tickets.

This thread has become kinda hillarious. Butthurt players who employ the AAA camping strat desperately trying to defend it and trying to seem High IQ when their ingame stats tell a very different story. Often times leading to a lot of namecalling.

I won’t be answering anymore replies, but may still monitor the forum as this is just funny. Shoutout to Bruce_R1 in particular for being the funniest comedian on thread, as he tried to defend his strats and stats. I highly suggest you read his replies if you haven’t.


go attack ground targets? lol


Flagged for naming/shaming. This is not allowed on the forums and is super childish. Grow up.


Personally, I see nothing wrong with only publicly naming people who AF camp. You’re not telling people to witch-hunt the person AF camping nor directly harassing them.

However, your post will most likely be removed because of this:

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But remember to criticize **
ideas, not people. Please avoid:

  • Name-calling

so you dont see any problem about the guy running a whole script on his pbj and in fact the other team should accept it and go for ground targets?

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When airfield campers complain about people trying to rearm & repair.
Ground targets exist, shoot them.


Yeah, this is really lame. Just play the game. They’re taking the only chance to win the game rules have left open to them and now you’re mad about it. Show some sportsmanship.


Heh, I should make a “Shaming airlfield strafers” thread to counterbalance this.
In BR 10.0 the opposite is true. Jets just camp one’s airfield with zero interest in having a fullfiling fight. At that point I just J out, even if it kills me.


Pathetic lol.

If you get strafed on airfield, it is your fault for taking the risk while enemy planes were still in the air. Also, you were most likely followed to airfield or were one of the last alive so naturally the enemy team checks airfield.

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I am sorry, but the only pathetic thing is people killing others with no chance to fight back. The fact that airfield AA does nothing does not help.


Please keep in mind that shaming other players in any form is strictly prohibited in this game.


No problem, I never seriousily intended to do that anyway. Though these problems are is quite frustrating for both me and the other guy.

mfw when “Lichdragon_Fortysnacks” calls something “super childish”


“Show some sportmanship”

The sportmanship:

AFK circle AAA with scripts, forcing the few enemy fighters left after the game is already over to either have to waste 15+ minutes mindlessly killing ground targets or just leave.

Even if I wanted to go ahead and kill the ground targets like a bot, the rest of the team doesn’t. How long would it take for 1 fighter to clear out a whole match worth of tickets just because one guy decided to turn on scripts and camp AAA

If people are botting and you can prove it, report them.

What you propose is a slippery slope where you’ve offered no limiting principle. Taking out a bomber, or any suboptimal aircraft at all, hurts the team in this view (and if all their team’s fighters died, they end up unable to leave the airfield area, which is the behavior you’re waxed about). Let’s shame them. Taking out a lower BR aircraft in squad because I’m having fun with friends hurts the team. Let’s shame them too. Not spending the “right” amount on crew skills hurts the team. Shame them. Not taking out the optimal bomb load or playing an unspaded plane, or playing bad in any of a dozen other ways hurts the team. Shame them.

If you want an all-fighter mode, just ask for one, see how much support you get. But sometimes, in the current mode, if all you have left is one bomber vs a couple fighters, and you’re up on points, running out the clock is the only winning strategy you have left. Personally in that situation I’d rather circle the AF and wait for an opening to try to extend away if the fighters give me any option at all, rather than space climbing and guaranteeing we both need to run out the entire clock. Or if someone pops an order on me, I want at least a fighting chance to collect that SL before I die. Because the game permits it. Making people feel bad for doing things the game currently permits is just misdirection, blaming the players for a company’s decisions.


Yeah, aren’t I a stinker? :)

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I think you have to see this whole topic in context.

  1. This is an Air RB related context - and only valid for prop BRs as af aaa in jet BRs is more or less useless. Secondly, i am not sure if this is your 1st, 2nd or 3rd account - but purely based on roughly ~300 Air RB matches on this account it is rather confusing to read a post dealing with a rather rare incident of “af racing”. From my perspective the situation you described is very rare, <5% of my matches.

  2. You should try to distinguish this “camping” between guys trying to extend the match without the chance for a ticket win or not. So as long as the win condition “ticket win” is active, using a game mechanic is legitimate. If the guy just extends the match without having a chance to win, report him for “unsportsmanship” behaviour. Have in mind that the overwhelming amount of RP in Air RB is created by time. Most players simple live not long enough to see this benefit.

  3. And: I often see this “time wasting” argument. Also in the video posted later. Time is a personal issue - and nobody cares. As a matter of fact time can work for both parties, depending on the experience of your opponents.

  • If your team is grind focussed: Nothing better than an af racer as your own RPs significantly Increase if you ground pound and you can increase your battle activity with this. If you circle the enemy af, you actually decrease your activity ratio.
  • If the enemy team is rather inexperienced: You can easily win 1 vs 4-7 even if you are outnumbered 1 vs 7 after 5 minutes like here - or 1 vs 4 like here if you can outplay your opponents. I used af aaa in the second match to reclimb after a repair and to outclimb 2 rookies and a stat padder as i knew i can outrun 109s and J2M2s above 8km and they might be probably not smart enough to kill ground - and they lost with around 80 tickets after 25 minutes. And i flew a B7A2 bomber in the first and a SM 92 heavy fighter in the 2nd example - no meta planes and no single engine fighter just to flatten the large experience advantage i usually have vs my average opponents.
  1. If you define yourself as fighter main - fine for me. But you might consider that not all players share your passion and there are massive experience gaps in Air RB - so sooner or later you might realize that you might be camped if your rookie team committed collective suicide. So if you use the af aaa cover to reset the fight with climbing the function is welcomed . And if somebody else is using the af aaa cover to climb allowing you to bait opponents for them or shoot them off your tail the af aaa bubble is your friend.

As a last word: Starting a name and shame thread is rather disturbing.


Apparently, I’m not supposed to kill people who played badly. 🤯

Apparently, what I actually need to do is wait for them to take off, climb to my altitude and then actually start fighting. 🤡

k, and? Prop is still part of the game, no?

Well you should play in a lottery. For me, it’s closer to 50%+

I do. I’m not saying ‘ban bombers’. I’m saying kill the AFK AAA strat, that just causes people to leave because it’s more time efficient to leave and play a second match. So many people do the AFK AAA strat because it nets them wins, because it’s simply an effective BS strategy. Anyone who values their time will leave.

Cop out. You and I can both agree pointless time wasting is infuriating. If not, I want to sell you a game I just made. It makes you wait 1 hour doing nothing, (but you have to be active and not tabbed out for the timer to keep counting down), and then you get 5 minutes of fun.

So do that, rather than infinitely circle the AAA. You’re arguing against strawmen.

Again, strawman. I never said “ban bombers”. I’m just against infinite AAA circling.

Hey, better than nothing. Gaijin doesn’t seem to want to do anything lol. If you’re gonna use AFK scripts, the report system is useless, I might as well expose your IN GAME USERNAME. Don’t act like I doxxed someone.

Man, if only I had thought of that. A shame the reporting system does nothing to combat this.

Hey if you wanna argue that we should shame everyone for different playstyles, that’s up to you, I disagree, but hey. I just want to shame people with one specific playstyle, the infinite AAA circle strat that is designed to make your opponents leave to not waste their time.

I don’t, where’d you get this from? I’d actually prefer if Air RB was better acustomed for multiple roles, and de-emphasize fighters. Right now it’s just Fighter TDM, occassionally mixed in with AAA afk tactics.

Y’know, you’re not the first responder to randomly assume I want to delete non-fighters. Is AAA-AFK camping such a cornerstone strategy that you lot think that’s all bombers can do? (Or is that the only strategy you guys win with, lol).