Separate Battle Ratings for Aircraft in Air RB and Ground RB - follow up questions

Continuing the discussion from Following the Roadmap: Separate Battle Ratings for Different Modes + More Information:

Seeing this as a whole, i ask myself how many of these “few exceptions” exist, and why.

Imho the underlying issue (either too high or too low BRs in Air RB or Ground RB) has an impact on all aircraft and their usage in battles.

So i simply do not understand why you limited immediate actions regarding adjustments of BRs to a few top tier aircraft.

I mean it is no secret that a hell of aircraft with significant A2G capabilities are almost “unflyable” in Air RB due their rather poor flight performance compared to the average enemy aircraft at the same BR.

Best example: Me 410 B-6 vs P-51 D-30 at the same BR of 5.0.

I have serious doubts that the BR 5.0 in Air RB of the Me 410 B-6 has anything to do with their performance in Air RB matches - they die like flies without any game impact. You see sometimes a guy with 2 or 3 kills in it - mainly because US pilots take every headon and think that headons with 2 MK 103s are smart decisions.

So it would be great if we could get an explanation for the exceptions of the “rules” for BR settings, and when the next BR adjustment session is planned.

Thx in advance!