Following the Roadmap: Separate Battle Ratings for Different Modes + More Information

Hey everyone. We’re continuing to move along with the War Thunder Roadmap presented at the beginning of this year. In today’s news, we’ll be talking about the separation of Battle Ratings for different modes.

We planned to introduce this one along with the second major update of 2024, but we were able to finish it earlier, and today we’re pleased to present it to you.

We are planning to implement this change soon.

How it works

The separation of Battle Ratings for different modes works as simple as this: the Battle Rating for a vehicle is different in Aircraft Battles and Ground or Naval Battles, something not seen before in the game.

Apart from a few exceptions, Battle Ratings for aircraft are set based on their performance in Aircraft battles, not Ground or Naval Battles. This is why there are more changes to Battle Ratings in Ground Battles than there are in Aircraft Battles with the release of this feature.

We’d like to make an important note that this is the only first change to Battle Ratings for this feature, at the moment we’ve only included changes to top tier aircraft. For aircraft of the earlier ranks, we’re planning to change their Battle Ratings if needed in one of the planned Battle Ratings segments that we do. Overall we’ll be carefully monitoring changes in the performance of various vehicles.

We’ve prepared a handy table for you so that you can see the changes that are going to be made to the Battle Ratings of some vehicles.

Postponement news

As of now, we’re currently working on Roadmap features for the second major update, but we’d like to talk about some features that have been delayed and will not be included this major update. We’ve developed separate Battle Ratings sooner than expected, however some features need some more time to be finalized.

The main one is the Research Bonuses for new nations Roadmap feature which we are delaying until after the second major update. This has been explained thoroughly in this post, but in essence our programmers need more time to create this feature, and it’s at the highest priority of the lead game designers. We anticipate it sometime after the second major update in one smaller update or an It’s Fixed update and we apologize that this has been delayed again.

We’re also postponing public squads and mechanics for searching for a squad based on the interests of players in-game. This one also needs more time from our designers and programmers and will come out in the future.

Our Community Managers have posted an article on the forum with insights regarding postponements, design mockups and other information regarding the Roadmap, second major update, vehicle events, bug reports and other things we’re working on. If you’ve not seen it yet, be sure to check it out in the link below!

Updated Roadmap Infographic

We’re continuing to work on the Roadmap features for the second major update, and more details surrounding what’s to come will be released in the future. In the meantime, check out this updated Roadmap infographic — be sure to share it with your friends!


Tornado Gr1, ASSTA1 and IDS need to go down to 11.0 in air modes (they have identical performance to the MFG and WTD61 in these gamemodes)

and you might as well just remove the Jaguar Gr1A and Buc S2Bs guided weapons because they can no longer be run in GRB. You have just deleted Britains 10.3 CAS from the game because we have NO 10.7 ground vehicles. Uptiering our 10.3s to 11.7 just for the sake CAS is kinda stupid

The ONLY way these changes make any sense is if this:

Means we are seeing a lot of tanks move about, not just top tier. If Britain’s 10.3 line up is becoming 10.7 then its a great change.

But why weren’t these changes announced together?


Excellent. This will definitely help with BR decompression. Furthermore I shall repeat: an increase of ground BR’s to 12.7 would Alleviate all of the issues we have with compression.




Well UK 10.3 ground has no good CAS, its been fun but now its so over :(


Buccaneer S.2B and Jaguar GR1A 10.7 😶


So instead of lowering the BR of vehicles that do poorly in air but good at ground…you raised the BR of those vehicles in the only mode they do well at…thus breaking lineups.

Looks like Italy lost pretty hard this time around.


Yep, Sea Harrier FRS1e is now our ONLY CAS for that BR bracket.


Looking purely at GRB it’s a good start, though some changes are extremely questionable; Why are so many CAS-capable MiGs going down? Why is only a single Su-25 going up? Why is the F-16A doing down?

Hope lower tier CAS is addressed sooner rather than later.


Yep… This is the exact opposite of what I was hoping for.

I was hoping the Jaguar Gr1A would go down to 10.0 in air, instead its gone to 10.7 in ground. its now unplayable in both gamemodes and not just air


I can’t help but feel this is the result of the CAS complainers. I’m not a fan of any of these changes.


The A4 changes are a bit too much, A4E should go to 9.3 and Ayit 9.7 instead of 9.7 and 10.0 respectively


Now get the A32 to 8.7 in air rb


I was expecting the buccaneers to go down in air RB as they are not a fighter and have very little offence weapons


F4J(UK) should have the same BR as the FGR2/FG1. Identical A2G, but is slower and has less CMs. 0 reason for it to be any different other than the fact its premium


waiting for A-7D/E to move down too… they are in such dire need for it too


Read the list, both are dropping by a step in ARB (As is the A-7K)

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Some of these changes were really needed. However I can’t see any logical explanation for lowering to 10.3 the mig 21s and 23s. doesnt make any sense gaijin


You’ve forgotten to increase the BR of all Su-25s


Some good changes here, but a lot of questionable ones too. Here is one:

Q-5L to 10.7? That’s bold…

It’s a Mig-19 airframe with only 2 GBU and no countermeasures 💀