Schwimmpanzer II AP-1 (Ausf.C)

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I would like to suggest the Schwimmpanzer II AP-1 which is a Pz II Ausf.C (Late with Extra armor and Indirect mirror cupola) which is 1 (and in my opinion coolest looking and best) model of Schwimmpanzer II of the 3 different Model Series that were trailed.

In game it would offer a big meme Pz II Ausf.C with a bit more armor (especially against He and Heat rounds (like the Ka-Chi)) which can swim and would be one of the 2 only (really) armored amphibious tanks (the Panzerspähwagen Schildkröte III with 14,5mm cant really be conciddered armored and armed).

Along the Tauchpanzer III and IV, for the invasion of the UK, the Panzer II was easily light enove to have it swim instead of dive on the ground of the water. As such 3 companies and designes were trailled.

These where the AP-1, Schwimmkörper Gebr. Sachsenberg and Schwimmkörper Bauart Kässbohrer.
These were of different designes and construction.

The AP-1 was a large big 1 Piece pontoon that would be lifted up on 2 arms for the Pz II to drive under away after landing.

The Schwimmkörper Gebr. Sachsenberg was a construction of multiple parts mounted as 2x Pontoon units on the left and right side fixed to special mounting points.

The Schwimmkörper Bauart Kässbohrer was of perhaps the simplest construction of multiple fixed together boxes and a front and back unit. (Im not shure if it was even build as i counldnt find a picture nor book info on it.)

While the idea was good an the AP-1 worked the best duo to beeing the largest and most ship like constructed offerend the most flowtation resulting in allowing the Pz II to be even uparmored.
The Gebr. Sachsemberg were a bit less effective and the existing ones were mostly used without it as normal Pz II (relatively many pictures with the mounting points exist)

And i dont have any further info on the Bauart Kässbohrer.

The trails only resulted in limited production which was discontinued after the invasion of the UK was not followed on and instead along with the Tauchpanzer III and IV, the limited amount of different Schwimmpanzer II were send to the eastern front and used for quick attacks over rivers.

Pictures:(Click to show)

The AP-1 i suggest:

(The first 3 are Gebr. Sachsenberg, the 3rd is the AP-1


Gebr. Sachsenberg:



The Gun:
2 cm KwK 30 L/55 -9° to +20° elevation at 25°/sec
10 round mags and a Coax Mg 34
Ammo as found in game on the Pz II

The Vehicle:
Pz II Ausf.C

Speed forward / back
AB49 / 10 km/h
RB and SB44 / 9 km/h

Speed on Water: 5,7 km/h

Number of gears
6 forward
1 back

Weight 9.1 t

Engine power
AB 267 hp
RB and SB 140 hp

Power-to-weight ratio
AB 29.3 hp/t
RB and SB 15.4 hp/t

Armour Front (Slope angle) Sides Rear Roof
Hull 20 + 14.5 mm (6°) Upper plate
14.5 mm (74°) Upper glacis
20 mm (33°) Lower glacis 14.5 mm 14.5 mm (6°) Upper plates
10 mm (61°) Lower glacis 14.5 mm (16°) Front glacis
15 mm Crew compartment
14.5 mm Rear
10 mm (9°) Engine access panel
5 mm Vents
Turret 20 + 14.5 mm (cylindrical) Turret front
14.5 + 14.5 mm (cylindrical) Gun mantlet 14.5 mm (21°) 15 mm (24°) 10 mm (15°) Front
10 mm Rear
Cupola 15 mm (cylindrical) 10 mm
Pontoons 10-15mm Steel

Panzer II Manual
Warthunder wiki
Hitlers Tank: German Panzers of WW2
Bolt Actuon: Campaign: Sea Lion
Operation Sealion: The Invasion of England 1940


+1 for German coastal.


Comically long boi +1


+1 for the funny factor.


The true Panzer of the Lake.

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A glorious event tank option

A +1 from me, would make for a neat event vehicle. As for the pontoons, make it like the Ka-Chi where you can select if you want to bring them or not (but really why wouldn’t you want a comically long Panzer II)