Schwimmpanzer 38 (t) AP-1 (Ausf.E)

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I would like to suggest the Schwimmpanzer 38(t) AP-1 which is a Pz 38 (t) Ausf.E with floats, like the Schwimmpanzer II AP-1 made by Gebr. Sachsenberg (Note I’m not suggesting the prototype but the small production run, as its slightly better.)

In game it would offer a big meme Pz 38 (t) Ausf.E with a bit more armor (especially against HE and HEAT rounds like the Ka-Chi) which can swim and would be one of the only armored amphibious tanks (the Panzerspähwagen Schildkröte III with 14,5mm cant really be considered armored and armed). Along side the Schwimmpanzer II AP-1.

Along the Tauchpanzer III and IV, for the invasion of the UK, the Panzer II was easily light enough to have it swim instead of dive on the ground of the water. As such 3 companies and designs were trialled.
However while useful in Infantry rolls, light reinforcements and against light armored vehicles (Cars, trucks and light tanks) the 2 cm KwK came even with Pzgr.40 to its limits against more heavy targets (when not completely up close of 100-200m). As the German Army also used the Pz.38 (t) it was also taken to be converted to Schwimmpanzer by Gebr. Sachsenberg, because it was also light enough and offered more armor (50mm) and a 37mm gun.

The trials only resulted in limited production which was discontinued after the invasion of the UK was cancelled and instead along with the Tauchpanzer III and IV, the limited amount of different Schwimmpanzer II and 38 (t) were send to the Eastern Front and used for quick attacks over rivers.

Pictures:(Click to show)

The Prototype:

Production with slight differences:
Such as deletion of the big air intakes and a slightly different front.

The Gun:
3,7 cm KwK 38 (t) L/47,2
90 Capacity, -10° to +25° Elevation 360° Traverse Shoulder Stap
Coax MG 37(t)
Pzgr.34 (t)
Pzgr. umg.
Sprgr.34 (t)
(See in game)

The vehicle:
Pz. 38 (t) Ausf.E (Pretty much identical to Ausf.F in game)

Armour Front (Slope angle) Sides Rear Roof
Hull 50 mm (20°) Front plate
30 mm (74°) Upper glacis
10+50 mm (15°) Lower glacis
8 mm (68°) Bottom junction glacis 10+30 mm 10+30 mm (14°)
30 mm (16°) Front glacis
15 mm Turret section
15 mm (0-30°) Rear section
Turret 50 mm (10°) Turret front
25 mm + 50 mm (10°) Gun mantlet 30 mm (8°) 8 mm
Cupola 15 mm 8 mm

Weight: 11t
Engine: 125 Ps
Speed: 43 km/h and 6 on Water (paddles are attached to the tracks)

Pz 38 (t) manual
Warthunder Wiki
Hitlers Tank: German Panzers of WW2
Bolt Actuon: Campaign: Sea Lion
Operation Sealion: The Invasion of England 1940


+1 for nice boate.

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