Revised poll on CAS in Ground Battles, would you play a tank only mode?

How? Tell me. Please give me an example of a wording that you think is appropriate.

Example: “I see you lack experience in GRB about CAS compare to AB.”

According to the motto:
“Please tell me that you looked at the statistics without telling me that you looked at the statistics?”

It’s logical that another player has to look at the statistics. Whether you mention it or not.

Mentioning statistics to support your own point of view has a purely factual basis.
Anyone who is ashamed of their statistics has a different problem and it is definitely not the statistics.
It is certainly normal for an emotional reaction to such an “assessment”.
Feeling ashamed is actually a healthy feeling because it serves to draw boundaries in social interaction. Incidentally, narcissists lack a sense of this limit.
When shame is accompanied by humiliation, a boundary is crossed. Merely mentioning too few battles due to lack of experience does not constitute humiliation.
If I mention publicly that someone should be ashamed of their statistics and stop playing WarThunder, that is a humiliation in my eyes.
But simply mentioning K/D or other statistical variables and what they mean in context does not constitute humiliation.
I think it shows a strong personality when you stand by your stats no matter how good or “bad” they are.
They are a representation of past performance. And you don’t have to be ashamed of that. Nobody is born perfect.
But you should be careful when asking others to do things that you cannot do yourself.


This right here summarizes everything about this thread.

In all honesty, I am not in favor of a ground only mode. It would strip the game apart from its immersion and feeling of warfare to it. While I do agree that CAS can be strong at lower tiers where radar guided SPAAGs can hardly do anything.

I think Gaijin should give players better tutorials or test drives (I know custom missions exist) for SPAAGs and realistic AA sights. Right now we are forced to use tank sights which are really hard to aim with, so most of the time you are just relying on third person.

As for CAS in higher tiers? SAMs are extremely powerful and only a handful of players can play CAS effectively from what I’ve seen, so CAS at higher tiers only becomes a problem when you are down to a few teammates and there is no SPAA other than that it’s mostly okay.

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CAS is strong, that’s for sure, but I don’t have a lot of issue with most of it, the main think I hate is early helicopter spawn.

The rest, fixed wing CAS can be countered by a number of things including AA (Not always very effective, especially at lower tier) and happens usually late enough in the game for a few people to move toward preventing it.
Rotary wing aircraft is Imo a little harder to counter, because of how MANPADs work on helicopter (hard to get a lock past 4km).

Meaning that the best option is to use a plane yourself. Back when I started playing a few years ago that’s mainly why I grinded planes, in order to be an effective counter of CAS players. And it’s usually a very easy job, since most CAS players feels absolutely braindead. It’s not unusual for me, at any BR, to shoot done two or three aircraft when I get a fighter out.

To conclude, and in my opinion, CAS might be a little too strong, but I think it could be easily balanced with slight adjustments on spawn points required, in order to make it harder to get. GRB could also get a hard limit on how many planes can be on the map at once.


Meaning that the best option is to use a plane yourself

Why even play tanks if you’re just going to play Air RB with ground units?


I fly in the GRB to give my team the opportunity to have their peace down there from enemy aircraft.


OK… but then why not play Air RB?

For me personally this is why I stopped playing GRB, I end up flying more games than not shooting down enemy CAS. It’s not exactly fulfilling because most CAS pilots don’t know how to fly. So why not just play air rb instead?


Because there aren’t really any real teams to protect on the ground. For me, it’s part of the game and makes it versatile. Even if I have to admit that it has been tiring lately. Hardly anyone else is doing it and the matches turn quickly. That’s why a TO mode where I can relax would be great.


I concur wholeheartedly.