What would a Tank Only GRB actually bring to the party?

So here is the thing.There was a time when I could not and did not fly in GRB. I was anti CAS and certainly anti bomber and screaming for a TO mode.

I learned to fly(some might disagree lol) ,developed my CAS and added them to the line up,never looked back.So I have CAS in all my GRB line ups and I love the PE8 :) ,I can enjoy SPAA as bad as it is and I am pretty good at avoiding CAS when cover is available.

My point about a TO mode is related to other things.The anti CAS/Pro CAS argument has no meaning or relevance to me.I have been on both side ,see both side and its all moot for this post.

My interest in TO stems from the need for another dimension in the game to combat fatigue and boredom having played for a few years now or at least having played thousands of games.My Idea of a TO mode is there for those who have no objection to CAS in the game as I have no objection.

My point is: How different would GRB with no CAS ? We know it can function without CAS but what would be the plus and minus points? This is what I am asking.

Would a TO GRB be radically different and engrossing or just boring? See I have no ulterior motive here I invite you to put in your input based on your knowledge.

Just some pointers to discuss really

  1. Choice of vehicle.

OK so the open top,soft skin stuff and SP guns can come rolling out and that in itself is difference. Freedom to use the Flak 88 or Yag etc etc.New options for game play there,OK much of the cover has gone but with no CAS things will change as far as vehicle selection options are concerned plus with SP guns more numerous will low BR armoured cars ro SPAA be more common to hunt them down?

2.Capping and flying.

Well if that is all you can do then you wont be able to anymore.
Forcing old dogs to try new tricks.I am guilty of habits we all maybe.Would your score actually improve if you dont habitually jump into that plane?

3.Games lost because everybody went CAS.

Simply would not happen anymore.

  1. Holding and contesting a capture zone

So you took a CAP and instead of fleeing in terror before the bomb drops you can now all hang around and hold the point.Something new.A fresh dimension for sure.Two or three tanks sat on a point knowing that if the enemy want it they must come and fight for it ,no more death by PE8 for hanging around.

5 Maps

We all know how we suffer on big open maps with regards to CAS. Not anymore obviously. Could our opinion of certain maps change as a result of a TO game option?

So there are a few things that might change.Is it possible that a TO GRB game could be as different to GRB as Arcade is to GRB.
I mean the difference between Arcade and GRB is vast yet only a few little things actually change if you think about it.I like to flick over to arcade now and then just for a change so why not do the same with TO.

Would TO be harder? A level above GRB ? Would it be more like chess and less like draughts or the other way around?

The down tier.

So if you spawn a Tiger 2 in a 5.7 game will you be indestructible? A matter of debate.

So what do you think? Its all theoretical forum talk but would TO add a new dimension to Warthunder? Would it bring back some love and respect for CAS and make us realize what we are missing? Would it give the CAS weary a break? Will it help the newbie settle in without having to watch the sky? Will it make Warthunder a better game than World of tanks? Will it be a slow camper infested pile of boring bunkem?

Let me know what you think TO would actually bring if it were introduced (yes it probably never will be)


It will bring peace . The vast amounts at 11.7 when I spawn with my tank just to see two KA52’s rolling 100+ missiles and taking out 1-3 vehicles that only managed to drive like what , 1km maybe ? It’s frustrating .

Top Tier AA , sure can deal with CAS/HELI but I rarely and I mean RARELY see someone spawn first vehicle AA . When everybody whips out mbt’s and there’s already 2 heli’s flying or even more in some cases I’ve seen . it’s FRUSTRATING .

Only Ground Mode will still have the same player number base , might even get more to be honest . But I believe , as your example , if you get an enemy Tiger II and you’re full uptier , probably those matches will become like COD , people will rush the Tiger II to take it down . I believe there will be more aggressive gameplay , which I don’t mind at all . CAS a lot of times becomes annoying to the point I would consider it griefing . Having less than 50% win rate on 11.7 mbts and more deaths than kills , mostly by enemy CAS and Heli’s .

I would die for an only ground mode . I hope gaijin adds it . If they never add it and someone else comes with a same game like war thunder with only tanks , I’m for sure gone from WT . It’s just there’s nothing else Gaijin can compete with . It’s only just War Thunder for this type of gaming .


Would still need seperate brs between the modes. At least for spaa.

I also dont know how it will worl for the spaa that dont have much in the way of attacking tanks.

Do we say “we are okay with vehicles having zero use in some gamemodes” or “we want gaijin to bar certain vehicles from gamemodes”

I feel like stuff such as heavy tds would enjoy it but most tanks wont see much of a difference.

At this point, i see adding a TO mode as just a lazy “fix”.

heavy and super heavy will become more usable, it still have to fight all the high pen apds and heatfs slinger but atleast it should not worry that light 320mm pen heatfs slinger that it just kill with only 1 cap and 1 assist will come back in a plane with 4x1000lb bomb

mbt will have a proper peaceful battle without worrying ka50s spam, or lgb/agm slinger from orbit, or a cruise missle from 15km away

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Can you explain this?

They mostly can’t.

I have asked for examples many times.

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I am not interested in the "should we or shouldn’t we "debate as I can see Gaijin never implementing a TO mode or just likely putting one in on the next update.

Either way that is not the discussion really , it is more ,would it be a good thing? Would it be as different to GRB as Arcade is? that sort of thing? I see the forum troll Sinister came in as expected but OK, I see Markimash but fail to see what he/she is on about and asked for them to elaborate.

I know what you mean with knee jerk comments but lets see if we can actually have some kind of intelligent interaction on here ,we will see who brings the nastiness in soon enough.

As for your self ,why do you think you will do better in a game with no CAS ? You are the highest ranking player on this forum right? Fair to say? Your input is valid.

The resident bully closed the forum down ,so dont worry .And no doubt he will abuse his powers further by banning me for speaking out.He wont answer my private message asking why he closed a thread that was going well and diving into what TO would actually do for the good or bad. Shame could have been interesting.

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