Responding to issues regarding dev server reports & an update on spall lining armor from the developers

Hey everyone, we’d like to jump in regarding reports from the dev.

This situation is effectively a miscommunication on our part — a lot of reports have been marked ‘Not a Bug’ on our report site, this is not strictly the case and we’d like to clarify the process and situation.

The ‘Not a Bug’ tag is used when a report can’t generally be forwarded, this is especially the case for vehicles on the dev server. Vehicles that are on the dev server often have preliminary attributes which will be changed by the time the vehicle releases. The dev server is there for testing purposes of course, and we appreciate all of your reports on currently incorrect elements, but it’s often the case that values that’re incorrect on the dev server are already in the process of being fixed before any reports come in, in these cases the report is given the same label.

This doesn’t mean the issue reported is not considered as a general bug though despite the tag, we can absolutely understand the confusion and frustration here, we’ll be improving our tags and our communication on the site in general to reflect this.

Our team have to process a huge number of reports especially during busy times like this. In order to forward all of the reports that are able to be forwarded, the reports that can’t be forwarded need to be filtered out quickly. This has led to a large number of reports being marked as ‘Not a Bug’ with no explanation given, this is a consequence of having to deal with a huge amount of reports in a very short time frame, but nevertheless is something we will be clarifying more effectively going forward.

As a final note, we understand the issues that can arise from ambiguity in this case, but please don’t use that ambiguity as a drive to harass members of our team, or in the community as a whole. Our moderators are not gatekeepers, they are just trying to filter usable reports as quickly as possible.

Going forward we’ll be improving clarity on our community bug report site in all respects, as always thank you for your attention here and helping us improve the game.

Furthermore, a comment from our developers about the armour protection of modern tanks and reports regarding this issue

We’ve seen a lot of your comments on the T-90M and spall lining — we plan to add anti-fragmentation lining to other tanks as well, for those we have enough information on. At the moment we have reliable data about the lining on the later versions of the Leopard 2 (and the Swedish versions), M3A3 and M1128. We’re currently working on the spall liners for these other vehicles, those that aren’t ready for the major update will be introduced a little later, likely in one of our weekly updates.

Also, the current parameters of the lining is not final, we plan on making it destructible, so after a successful penetration it’s considered destroyed and won’t offer any protection.

As for processing reports regarding the protection of modern tanks, our current approach is described in detail here: [Development] Reports concerning the protection of post-war combat vehicles - News - War Thunder

In the near future (before the release of the major update) we will update the tank protection tables linked in the article above and add all of the tanks from the major update to it. This way you can compare the current armour values with the expected values.


Challenger tank series looking at the part about spall liner and going idk what this material lining the inside of my tank is but it’s definitely not a blanket


Nice. I love it when developers try to get better communication with the player base they have cultivated over the past decade. It’s nice to see that many of the issues with the reporting system is getting looked at.


If something as game changing as spall liners aren’t ready for everyone, then they should not be included for anyone.

They need to be removed from the T-90M until the other tanks are ready as well.


Thank you for your detailed reply, both regarding clarifications in procedures and addressing some of the most recent concerns!

I am always glad when there is clearer and more abundant and direct communication from the developers’ and staff’s end.

I am also sorry about what certain staff member has had to go through recently. I can get criticism, even more so when it’s completely justified; but a section of users took their stance way too far into personal harassment grounds. I once experienced something similar on this community too and I would never wish that to anyone.

I look forward to us collaborating to make of this a better game, experience and community for everyone!


M1 series has used spall liners since the beginning, in fact most MBTs since the 80s have used spall liners. Why have you only implemented this with the addition T-90M?


T-90m uses kevlar spall liners. What material do other tanks use?


What material?

So just don’t add it for the T-90M until you can do it for enough vehicles? As many have pointed out, pretty much every MBT from the mid/late 1980s had it. And if we are being honest here, you guys have altered vehicles in the past for the sake of balancing. Look no further than the M1 KVT. There really is nothing stopping you from making every MBT 10.7 and up from having it.


“Also, the current parameters of the lining is not final, we plan on making it destructible, so after a successful penetration it’s considered destroyed and won’t offer any protection.”

chill my guy, its gonna be destroyable

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Largely Kevlar, its a US designed material after all ;)

Been around since the 60s and makes up a substantial part of all modern western aircraft armor.


Chill my guy, Russian vehicles not getting one more mechanic/module that makes it more survivable isn’t going to ruin their tank.


i dont really care, t90m is survivable enough with or without lol


the soviet tincan handholding never stops, literal babies playing easy mode


I cant see it in Abrams


spall liner shouldn’t be destructible, it’s to stop spall, a sabot would go right through it like swiss cheese barely doing anything to it


Yup, since as of now they give an unfair advantage.

Even if it only works on one shot, thats more than enough time to turn around and slap you


IIRC it was standard for Brit tanks since like the 60s, IIRC chieftain and even CVRT (scimitar for example, rumoured for this patch) had them.

Like, yeah… “hard to get info” of when 60s/70s vehicles are everywhere to literally just go sit in and check them out in person is a hard argument to believe ngl.


if the t90m gets spall lining regardless of its “one time use/destroyable”


ALL tanks that have Regenerative Steering should have it that mechanic added for tanks to use…

or better yet, give the f15 arrams…

see the logic of giving another nation something that not everyone can benefit is not a good idea? we call this simply pampering russia unless there is a big enough fit about it THEN something changes, even then its still stated it will be only tank in the game to have the feature for the foreseeable future.

This is the same thing as russia having HMD’s for updates without any other nation able to do it, giving them huge advantages.

there shouldn’t be a reason why something that is already comically survivable when real life data show that most anything hitting russian modern tanks explode within a few moments after impact, or instantly, should be the only tank to come out with anti spalling when every other modern tank has that feature, and missing feature like…

we been asking for years for something as simple as “Regenerative Steering” to be implemented, but its completely ignored…


High G maneuver wing effects completely ignored and we are at f-15’s and su27s…

But now due to something about russia having a product now its time to implement it and give us moai emojis when the community gets upset about, and there is still a clear answer its going to be implemented.

everyone gets it or no one gets it. thats what you have done with regenerative steering and thats what the t90m should get for anti spall liner. wait until its ready for all tanks that used it.


>get an answer
>still complain