(removed last time) Please add a ground forces only mode

CAS is, and always has been a problem for many ground players, especially those with focus on ground and no intention to play air. Revenge bombing, high altitude bombing, and insanely long range missile attacks (such as A-10As launching AGMs from 8km away from the battlefield and turning around immediately) has gotten far out of hand for ground to cope with, especially with SPAA nerfs. I believe this issue could be solved in several ways, and from the last forum I posted under a similar topic, I’ve seen several good ideas. Firstly, a remodel of payments to encourage the acquisition and maintenance of air superiority, so that players are encouraged to shoot planes more than they are to bomb or shoot ground vehicles. This could be executed by increasing payouts for “Ground Forces Rescuer” awards, decreasing awards for destroying ground targets by somewhere between 25% and 50%, or by increasing SP costs of bombs and AGMs, while lowering SP costs of AAMs and other air to air weaponry. A different solution could be dynamic BRs, or a BR cap on what air units you could bring. This BR cap should not exceed the maximum BR of any ground vehicles in the player’s lineup, and if necessary, could be slightly below the player’s maximum BR for a ground vehicle. This would help a lot, as currently in top tier servers, 11.7 rated SPAAs are being forced to deal with 12.7 rated planes, such as the F-16, which gives CAS an obvious unfair advantage. Finally, a rather simple, yet effective solution, could be to just add servers where spawning airplanes is not possible. This way, people committed to playing ground forces could play without having to worry about revenge bombers, high altitude bombers, or long range AGMs. However, to keep SPAAs relevant, attack UAVs, helicopters, and nuclear bombers would still be allowed. I’d really love to see more balanced CAS mechanics, or just servers where I can take a break from dealing with CAS, and I think that either would make ground battles more enjoyable for a lot of people.


It was removed last time because we already have 60 gaijillion other threads saying the same thing.


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Are the servers getting attacked today keep getting packet loss and dropped from server

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