Remove Sun City

Ardennes 180m

Middle East

Yeah that’s every map in the game

You at least aren’t dying to someone from the enemy spawn, they’re gonna have to be sitting behind your spawn which leaves them an open target.

It’s a great CQC map with really good flow compared to other maps like Advance to the Rhine.

CQC shouldn’t be the sole focus though and an expansion could be interesting but I don’t think Gaijin has capable map designers to accomplish this.

well yeah, maybe its just the overabundance of CQC maps that makes me dislike this map so much, as its the pinnacle of a CQC map and since the buildings are all solid and not ruins like on Rhine or Berlin, you have even less angles to work with.
on top of the lack of backalleys and small sidestreets, which leaves only a few routes.

but i agree, i also dont think gaijin has capable map designers.
another reason why it might be a good idea to have community designed maps, picked from capable people.