Map rotation is completely destroyed

I do not think you understand how they use the data, it does not mean YOU will get to see x,y,z, depending on what YOU chose it is basically how Gaijin collect data on popularity of maps.

So, from this DATA from all players they assess which maps are seen as popular and which are not, they then rotate the map groups using this.

I have already partly explained this so am not sure how to break it down further. The maps on rotation are from THIS pool, not YOUR personal preferences. YOUR personal preferences are just part of the thousands of other player’s preferences for them to determine the maps you might see.

Are you getting what I have said now? (Caps because on mobile and cba to choose italics).

How dare you point out the obvious!!


Says the guy that never (or barely) ventured into tiers where maps become hilariously small and to be honest, stupid.

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We got confirmation from Stona that it does affect map selection.

“Players enjoy these 7 maps” is not a plausible or sensical reason at all to say “Therefore we will give them each of those 7 maps specifically 20 times in a row each, before switching to the next one for 20 times in a row” lol what?

Did you forget the topic we were discussing? It’s not “few but popular maps in the pool” (which your point does explain but is also not a problem) the topic is that you get the same exact one 20 times in a row (which your point does not explain, and is a big problem).

If it was just “Players enjoy these 7 maps”, then you would get one of those 7 RANDOMLY, or in a fixed rotation, not in long blocks.

The only thing proposed so far that explains the actual topic of the conversation (long blocks in a row) at all is a computer bug.



Yes, the bug. But now you know what likes/dislikes actually mean. Which is what you did not understand and now do, I hope!

You might also note the OP is flipping matches, not actually playing them. It is not empirical data. I am already having a reasonable exchange about this with the OP.

Alright, when I say they “don’t do anything in game” I mean the game’s code does not do anything with them. Developers being inspired by something to manually change the game is not that thing “doing stuff in the game”

Similarly to how “Forum comments do not have a function in-game” yet they can also indirectly inspire a developer to change a feature. Nobody would say “forum comments do things in game” or that “Autumn weather IRL has a mechanical effect in-game, because a developer saw a pretty fall tree while walking his dog and asked the artists to add it to the Ardennes map”

But whatever. Actual bug itself: the OP might be doing all kinds of wacky stuff, but I can confirm myself, this happens every day all the time to me without doing any squirrely map shenanigans, just clicking to Battle. Same map over and over and over. For months now.

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What the hell is going on with the match maker?. If i leave a map it’s because I think it’s shit, no matter how many times you spam the map at me , I won’t play it. In fact I’m more likely to go play another game


It’s not intended, simple zero program skills. Some days ago was the CTD when quitting before mission start, to fix that somehow now map can repeat 4-5 times in a row.

Probably they can mess up the “hello world”

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The game is so old and full of spaghetti code that re-introducing night battles in the code broke the entire matchmaker.


That exactly what happend now, 3 or 4 maps repeating over and over and over again until the trash and broken MM just choose another 3 maps and repeat.
My last rotation was Poland, Poland, Poland, Poland, Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam, Hurtgen, Hurtgen, Poland, Poland and Vietnam.
Is pretty clear the MM is broken and this incompetent dont move a finger.


I just did Vietnam 5 or 6 times in a row. It’s a shame when we know all the maps present in the game

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All pray @ItsOnyy !! turning off night battles disabled map repetition ( at least works for me )

I guess the code is something like “if { night battle == on then MapRepeat = x5 }” end print = “helo vorld”

With night battles OFF. Dont work.


8 battles in the same map…

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What’s wrong with being literally locked in an urban maze several times in a row ?

turned off on the maps image where you can also like maps ?? So weird, at the moment I turned off maps started to work normally

maybe the game hates you :)

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