Remove friendly fire for Nuke planes

Thanks for even mentioning that, I can’t wait for the tank only mode wishers to start trying to say that lawndarting contradicts the PEGI system…

Lawndarting with an Ohka, or current one, with AGM and sinple Rockets? ^^"

If go on this side aspect, you can say that only drones are now possible to be used in the game,… so that everything else would be removed → no navy /no ground, and only 10 planes lefts.

Also bringing down those T-Only discussion in there is a blatant way to drift the thread away.

T-Only is nothing than a dream of 10 boys unable to use a spaag, because i quote: “i want to kill tanks in my tank”

But you’re the one bringing PEGI into the situation, along with kamikaze…

The fact is that if FF were to be brought in they would just find a new way to do it.

And the base fact of the situation is player incapability, and players being bad.

We should just remove the bad players more effectively, and more substantially, and get the moaning dealt with faster.

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I’m basing my answers from what Gaijin told us 3 years ago in Q&A, saying that they won’t add OHKA, whatsoever,…

The question is not even to know if it’s playable (and as described earlier), it is not,…

It is a 9.0BR G4M1+OHKA with Strategical bomber spawn to be drop as soon as in range to have some Ground target hit/kill (in ARB)

It is a 10.3/11.0 OHKA alone, spawning in special spawn area, at specific altitude (still ARB)

It is a G4M1+OHKA at 10.3 BR in GRB, in order to have SPAAG efficient enough to intercept a manually guided bomb (which means 100% accuracy, if not killed before)

The OHKA have not any realistically useful place in the game,…
Because it would be so high BR wise, and so specific, but also destroying entire teams (they still are accounted in the 16 players of your team)

Pretty clear cut in this case, stop trying to make excuses and avoid the points raised as per usual.

Couldn’t resist ^^

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This is Warthunder …😆

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What excuses? I just asked how would You determine who is bad and who isn’t.

When it comes to teamkillers/abusers, the best option would be to implement skill based matchmaking. You are teamkilling/abusing? You play with players that do that too without hurting players who play well.

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It’s clear from this post, and the angle shown, that you’d have to actually TK, and intentionally TK, which is clear…

This is also a commonality, where a repeated TK would indicate a bad player.

That has nothing to do with the issue of bad players in this sense. And it won’t actually fix it as it’s just going to be an elitism gatekeeping method.


You go into Air RB, and you’ll find them without issue. As has been shown multiple times.

Even me showing that Wishie did this exact same thing that’s shown in this thread.

Vamilad even bombing his teammate for not saving his ass when he was also complaining about how bad the teams were.

If you can’t see this, then you’re literally blind.

(Edit - This absolutely isn’t off-topic as the false flagger thinks it to be… It’s very much on point.)

What skill are you determining to be the one permitting to match up people together,… especially TK players?

How can you ensure the same Queue Time (thing really appreciated by the highs up of Gaijin.Co)?

Are going to be baited in TK MM after missile TK?
(Even on a guns miss, as i explainned earlier in my posts- i was firing to an ennemy 0.6km aways, and i ended up killing an 1.6km away,… ally which was chasing another ennemy)

I don’t think “Skill” is the best word to described this feature.

But a “Shame” matchmaking for those who often TK allies should be done.

I have once talked about it.

Everyone starts with 1000 base skill points. When being in best 6 of the match You get +‘X’ points for win/lose and -‘X’ points for being in below 6 positions. (So score in the battle matters).

For teamkilling You get - ‘X’ points, etc. So in the end people who teamkill will be playing with only other teamkillers.

As i understand it, there is no hard cap.
So new players are playing with bad ones.

I doubt 250k would even be fair, maybe a ban for 2 day and a penalty of 150k sounds much better.

Just remove the TKers, as they’re obvious… The TK thread has one sitting there bragging about just getting 24 hour bans, constantly…

The system should pick them up as a repeat offender, and they should be removed automatically as the system actually should, or at least make them more visible to Game Masters.

TKing normal players should just acrue a number of points, but TKing the nuke plane should be more towards that tracking value, and should be even more of a priority.

It’s not that hard, and it’s not the matchmakers issue. That’s just avoiding this outcome and making a seeming ‘You’re bad, so here’s all the terrible and nefarious players to compound your trouble with the game. You may as well uninstall because you’re not that good’…

It’s dumb to even think that this would even be remotely acceptable because it’s not thought out.

I followed this thread and read a lot about adequate punishment for intentional team kills. You might find this thread interesting:

So from my pov you might adjust your punishment discussion to the current status quo…


i agree that you are rather sad… trollface

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The only sad ones are those who prey on their teammates.

Put the troll on ignore

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