Remove friendly fire for Nuke planes

If by “for years” you mean “1.5 years” , you’d be correct. TK has been disabled for GRB for a long time.

*kamikazes the nuke plane insted


I mean doesnt the nuke plane delete whole of your team as well? That can be like ±10 inhumanely killed teamate crews without even counting the enemys where does that count in as “friendly fire”? Then all the civilians, buildings destroyed (if in like city map), vegetation vaporized, radiation that causes radiation sickness, environmental contamination affecting people far away from the explosion. Isnt warthunder possible to play by like +12 kids with all those “gunner is unconscious”? Yet nobody talks about that they can just nuke stuff there… which is what really should be the general social concern because that isnt very socially acceptable.

  • Ohka gets rejected but nobody cares about nukes in game. Which is just bizzare to me ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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You can’t kill anyone with a nuke that has been dropped. It doesn’t damage anything, and doesn’t cause an actual explosion.

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My brother in Christ, just look at my profile. It’s there for you to see for a reason.

You Should NOT Bomb Your Teammates. Period.

I should not have to mention that I have 10,000 more games than you because you can’t read. It’s just sad.

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Damn, I did not know in 9-11 2001 those "terrorists stole ww2 ohka and G4M from some museum and made it operational. Americans sure teach their history different these days XD

  • It would not change anything as ppl that feel like it can just crash with their normal fighters and bombers all day long. What would antiship manned missle that has nothing to do with your silly 9-11 change about it? Its still incomparable to nukes tho.
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Those playing as kamikaze, are miss-using the aircraft.

For Ohka however, it’s on-purpose designed feature of the aircraft, and that’s why they would not give it.

Also,… considering features:
No guns → no kill ability apart crashing
No range (36km of range is really a limited one)

Needs to implement special spawn point(7km altitude and close enough), to have access to service range of 30km, in order to hit a Ground target.

Speed is too high to be put alongside Late WWII jets or early 1950’s jets.

Would take the place of others players, making team unbalanced.

Would not be potentially intercepted by other players in every BR, except maybe 12.3/12.7 having long range Fox-3 missiles (and even there i have a doubt)

Basically useless because the bomb size is equivalent to a Mk83.

Well no, it obviously isnt meant as lone plane. It would just be best as attachment/payload option for existing japanese bombers cuz they are basically worst in the game as their real advantages such as long range are taken away in 30 min matches.

Also ramming isnt some “miss-using the aircraft” its a leight plane tactic used pretty much by all nations. Japan only took it on next level.

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I was just Saying that Ohka never will be implemented,… the radio guided one missile have been implemented in event reward for the reason of not having a human deliberatly crashing, which would raise up the PEGI system,…

The fact that players miss-use aircrafts that are not meant for Ram-crash is not on Gaijin/PEGI problematic

And nuking citys is “pegi 12” ? XD

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Nuking, is not deliberatly crashing a man on whatever target,…

Silly, that is not what I am asking. Do you really think nuking is ok feature for PEGI 12 game?

Yes its fine in a game where tanks kill tanks and planes kill planes. Do you want to turn the game into an anime pillow fight?.

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Thanks for even mentioning that, I can’t wait for the tank only mode wishers to start trying to say that lawndarting contradicts the PEGI system…

Lawndarting with an Ohka, or current one, with AGM and sinple Rockets? ^^"

If go on this side aspect, you can say that only drones are now possible to be used in the game,… so that everything else would be removed → no navy /no ground, and only 10 planes lefts.

Also bringing down those T-Only discussion in there is a blatant way to drift the thread away.

T-Only is nothing than a dream of 10 boys unable to use a spaag, because i quote: “i want to kill tanks in my tank”

But you’re the one bringing PEGI into the situation, along with kamikaze…

The fact is that if FF were to be brought in they would just find a new way to do it.

And the base fact of the situation is player incapability, and players being bad.

We should just remove the bad players more effectively, and more substantially, and get the moaning dealt with faster.

I’m basing my answers from what Gaijin told us 3 years ago in Q&A, saying that they won’t add OHKA, whatsoever,…

The question is not even to know if it’s playable (and as described earlier), it is not,…

It is a 9.0BR G4M1+OHKA with Strategical bomber spawn to be drop as soon as in range to have some Ground target hit/kill (in ARB)

It is a 10.3/11.0 OHKA alone, spawning in special spawn area, at specific altitude (still ARB)

It is a G4M1+OHKA at 10.3 BR in GRB, in order to have SPAAG efficient enough to intercept a manually guided bomb (which means 100% accuracy, if not killed before)

The OHKA have not any realistically useful place in the game,…
Because it would be so high BR wise, and so specific, but also destroying entire teams (they still are accounted in the 16 players of your team)

Pretty clear cut in this case, stop trying to make excuses and avoid the points raised as per usual.

Couldn’t resist ^^

Pillow Fight GIF by Marie Monti


This is Warthunder …😆

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