Remove friendly fire for Nuke planes

Really this is annoying, is the second time my nuke plane is destroyed by my own team. If is not enough watch the sky for enemy planes right now you can avoid even your own team. Add a special protection or just add harder punishment for team killers.


Killed 2 times in the same game by my own team LOL.


fk apologize, it doesn’t compensate the victim

I’d say, teamkiller pay fines in eagles, 1000 eagles for intentional teamkilling nuke planes, lock their account if they enter a negative eagle state, then the 1000 eagles goes to the victims account. Screw them


Eagles? That’s premium money and not everyone have some

That’s why it has to be eagles, nobody cares about losing lions

If they don’t have eagles, then they will enter this state



Can’t find a better deterrent except for whatever reason friendly fire has to stay


That’s a bit harsh


Well, as shown on the screenshot, negative GE balance would lock people out of the game.

That simply isn’t a reasonable penalty. I’d rather suggest a severe SL fee, maybe of 250 000 SL. It’s not so much that it bankrupts people in case of a unlucky accident, but high enough to make it not profitable to do this several times.


Something like this will never happen to any of us here, if you say accident, how many friendly nuke planes have you accidentally shot down in 3000 hours? I currently 0. Downing a friendly nuke is always 100% intentional, see it so many times especially in radar SPAA territory.


The probability is low, but never zero.

You can’t just lock people out of the game. Even in the extremely unlikely edge cases, it would be a shame that it happened even once.

Oh, this is the dumb ass that keep shooting and abusing others, quite famous in my community.
Should get a ban.

Zero but I downed a lot of planes by accident. What if I‘m trying to shoot at an enemy fighter behind the nuke, miss and shoot down the nuke instead?

Then the deterrent will never be effective, because lions for many is something most players/trolls wouldn’t mind losing, they only start caring if they are about to lose something valuable like eagles and potentially gets locked from playing. Then the valuable stuff goes to the victim as compensation, I don’t see a problem here. Manual reviews are needed, I would even volunteer to review the replay lol its pretty clear if something was intentional or not.


Well, I agree that intentional teamkilling should be taken more seriously, and a repeat offender definitely should be banned for it. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any moderation in this regard. We don’t even have a way to know when and how moderators take action, it’s all hidden behind the scenes.

I’d like to see a notification telling me that a cheater/teamkiller I reported was banned, then at least I would feel better about the situation. Some sort of compensation would be welcome too, but this is Gaijin we’re talking about. I doubt it’ll happen.

Good point about SL though, maybe some don’t care but I bet a majority do, at least in some capacity. You can’t really play the game without SL. Instead of a fixed penalty, maybe do a scaling one that increases for every offense. First friendly nuke kill 250 000 SL, 2nd 500 000 SL etc. of course they should be banned as well, this penalty is only an additional burden they will have to consider before they do it the next time.


I’ll prefer if they implement something more interesting, teamkiller gets a skull icon next to their nametag for a set amount of matches, to remind his teammates what kind of player he is, then he can be killed by teammates when the skull is still active, without penalty lol

That’s what apologising is for, if there was no enemy fighter well you don’t have an excuse

I think Gaijin just should disable friendly fire and colission, yes colission too becuase the toxic players more than probably try crash his planes against you.
In other case instant ban (all day first time and probaly one weak after 2 incidents) should be added there is not a single reason for destroy allied nuke plane except you are jealous horrible player.

Nah that sounds like something easily abusable, and ppl will teamkill to have a cool skull next to their name

Remove enemy fire from nuks, remove friendly fire from nuke…
Maybe just remove the nuke itself to stop moanings?


250k would be a idea, but that would only punish realy the F2P dudes while the premium most be like, 250k meh lets play a round naval to have the money to do it twice

I would say it must realy hurt, so more like 1.000.000SL

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Imagine trying to defend teamkilling.