Real shatter 1.0.....2.0....3.0?

It looks like guns did not “break” after the update.
Unfortunately MG151/20 still hasn’t changed, even after the report being acknowledged… =(

What are RS weapons? Russian? :D
I saw you write that before but I was still shreding planes with 20mm ShVAK FI-T and Type 99-2 HEF-T belts.

I think it’s just an error in protection analysis.

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The explosive round uses realShatter, the APHE doesn’t.

So realShatter rounds are probably bugged in protection analysis.

Maybe only PA is bugged.
Shvak works particularly good thx to next to no spread when guns are close together (like in Yak-3U) and the absolutely busted ballistics. I fire in front of my targets because I wrongly assume light and fast shell should bleed speed at a considerable rate. But they don’t hence Pe-8 tumbling through the sky long-range sniping me.

I guess it would be weird if gaijin broke exact same thing for the 2716th time, it was high time to break something else.

Tested MG131 - in PA it does next to no damage with HE bullets. In test map it absolutely slaughters Bf 110s.

Do ADENs use realshatter? They’ve been rough for a few years now but now that I’m trying out British jets again with the fuel changes I’ve had horrible luck with them. Constant hits, struggling to crit, let alone kill, long bursts into stalling players not even setting fires, etc.

It was just a protection analysis bug.

It’s all back to “normal”.

Even in protection analysis Shvak delivers insane amount of damage, and MG151/20 can barely compete damage wise (Shvak delivers more direct damage and less fragmentation damage) cause ballistics wise it’s not even close + gun placement + ROF also play in Shvak’s favor.

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The thing is, 20mm are godhammers. 30mm are barely more powerfull with real sh*tter + jet damage models are absolute tanks. I mean, the amount of clobbering required to kill F-84 using MG151/20 is ridiculous, they can also tank MK108 to the face, so I’m not surprised ADENs are not doing well at all

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and it is funny that of all the guns in game, gsh23l, shvak, gsh30-2, gsh30-6, gsh30-1, berezin UB12.7 and… literally any russian gun one shots the target or at least puts it out of the match.

Events have happened that changed the game.

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