PUMA is now more than a year in War thunder and there is still no working AHEAD

More than a year and gaijin simply doesn’t care. Considering Germany uses AHEAD in many new vehicles, but no solution from Gaijin. They could at least make it like a he-vt.


Yeah, still not sure why don’t just switch it to he-vt.

If they aren’t going to model things right then why give a messed up version?


Honestly at this stage, im getting more and more convinced that Gaijin hate Germany. Sure there are other tree’s that need love too, but no Major trees feel as ignored as Germany. im expecting this comment to get alot of hate too.


The fact that you say Germany is a major tree shows a huge problem in itself - that Gaijin has a major and minor nation system in which major ones get more attention, and minor ones get no attention, while charging the same rate for their premiums.
Germany is still in the top 2 most fun nations to play, so chill. Puma needs to get its AHEAD, but one year is basically nothing when it comes to bug fixing. Most tanks go about 3-4 years before they’re balanced.

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They should just give it a HE-VT-fuse setting off a stronger version of spalling in a cone that resembles the tungsten balls. It should be done in a day (without testing).

and if you take now a look at the 2s38 using the russian version of ahead…
Oh wait no they just made it to he-vt


Yeah, they even moved the PUMA up to 10.0

But still no working AHEAD shells or SPIKES.

Lazy company

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Noticed that as well. 10.0 BR now with nothing more than a fast single fire 30mm cannon. I don’t really know why they make decisions like this.

The anti missile system is now entirely pointless. Every missile it now might encounter is too modern to be affected.

The heat-fs proof armor is pointless as well, since at 10.0 ±1 everyone uses darts.

Its still lacking its ATGM and AA ammo doesn’t work.

10.3 when?


That’s not how development works for WT.
Germany & USSR have the most ignored ground trees currently. Just a statement of fact, nothing more.
And Sweden has the strongest lineups in the game for ground.

The SPIKE version of PUMA isn’t in-game currently. There’s no SPIKEs to give.
& AHEAD is clearly more complicated than people expect.

No, they gave the 2S38 its proximity round. There is no 30mm proximity round

Survivability is why the PUMA is at 10.0. People just aren’t dying in it more than other light vehicles.
It’s not lacking an ATGM, as this variant doesn’t have one.
We’ll get a variant with one in the future, especially now that Freccia is helping Gaijin collect data.

Yet Germany gets the most hand holding of all. Yeah ok.

What “hand-holding”?
They have nothing unique to them from a gameplay perspective.
The vehicles BRs & types are all what other countries have.

But @RabidGerbil is wrong about Gaijin hating Germany, let alone any country.
All tech trees have similar focus, which comes down to access to information.

How about the panthers, PZ IVs and Tiger 1s being all a solid br lower than they should be.

Tiger 1s are fine at 5.3 [turret traverse and many gun depression deadzones], and 5.7 respectively.
IS-2 is superior at 6.0.
And M6A1 is only slightly inferior.
Panthers are at a fine BR, arguably some Shermans are 0.3 too high.
Panzer 4s are mostly due to being rank 2 which leads to the good players avoiding them, on top of that M4A2 supremacy absolutely destroying Panzer 4’s for over 3 years straight from 2019 to 2022.

Freccia has it

Yes, which is their primary test of the system
& we’ll get PUMA SPIKE in the future as a vehicle after TAM 2C.

So the new PUMA will be called the PUMA S1? with the MELLS missile system?
in that case the current SPIKE cannot be given to the PUMA (i learnt after more research as the S1 uses the SPIKE-LR) which is not susceptible to APS as the angle of attack of the LR is so high no APS looks that upwards


It shouldn’t though.

Lock on the target - computer calculates distance - fire 5 rounds - the entire area infront of said target is filled with airburst. Done and dusted, with water from the Mississippi river.

More complicated to be programmed to justify it for 1 singular vehicle sadly, the AHEAD doesnt just react like proxy, it releases the shrapnel at different intervals to the target to make 1 big shrapnel cloud, whose shrapnel each fly hundred meters further. As example first round explodes 100m away, 2nd 45m, 3rd 10m, 4th 25m, everything calculated to the targets reactions

ye but instead with have a round that has right now no reason to be in the game…

So instead they could change it to a he-vt round and the problem would be solved, well for now…

the round wouldnt explode right before the target in that case but when it is next to it and miss, you would need to give the AHEAD a 20m-50m proxy fuze so that it even hits anything, remember the shrapnel flies in a cone to the front not like real proxy ammo that explodes.

That kind of proxy range can bring way to many problems, you can forget about hitting anything low flying since they would need to disable it 50m above ground lvl at least as well

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