Germany should get their Boxer platforms, most notably the Boxer CRV

so the skyranger with iris-t variant will be developed(just got funding)
and the first prototype is expected to be done in …


.2028… … . … . … … … … …

is that for both or only iris-t one? i think they both had different development time

I think the Skyranger with 30mm and Stinger was for 25or26 and the Boxer with Iris-T SLS array is for 28

thats roughly what i remember as well, more specialy the skyranger is supposed to be in 2 development steps an early variant and a later one as well with germany ordering early one for immediate protection and later on upgrading those once the later version arrives

skyranger is pretty much already done and should get voted on very soon as well.

Would be cool if we get ahead till then. I am a bit pessimistic about ahead because when was the puma released? I think soon it will be 2 years (devblog was on 16.03.22). Gaijin simply closed my topic 6 months ago for no reason. It is one of my most liked topic aswell. PUMA is now more than a year in War thunder and there is still no working AHEAD

Created a new topic to keep Ahead more alive.

ahhh that explains it ok, yeah we thought u meaned 2028 for both, but yeah the iris t one is expected, since the turret wasnt in development yet

so Teilprojekt 3(the skyranger) is also planned for late 2020s. however, just like with IRIS-T SLM, they should be getting Skyranger 30 in H2 2024(IRIS-T SLM H1 2024) as initial acquisitions.

i really wished next update gaijin introduced the Boxer RCT120 either tracked or wheeled version




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2024-01-11-skyranger-30-gesamtsystemqualifikation.pdf (
this is the A1 variant; the A3 variant is the one with missiles

I dont wear boxes right now

the Bw plans to acquire 123 GTK Boxer

30mm + MELLS(which is SPIKE afaik)

Schwerer waffentragger refers to this one

main question, would be know if it includes aps systems or not

I’m kinda confused since it refers to 2 of them one with PUMA turret and other with KF41 Lynx turret

both were tested, we dont have the exact configuration yet, but because the boxer is supposed to have a manned turret, the lynx one is more likely, the puma one is only unmanned if i am right

btw this the the autralian boxer crv which is the basis of the schwerer waffenträger, this got tested by germany, so we might get sth more in this area

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K i got something from a journalist in the bundeswehr it appears to be the one with the lance turret, i still need to check if it’s the one with aps or without aps

if germany is smart, they add a RCWS on top of that as well, its pretty much shown how important they could be for drone defense.

That being said we all know how smart our orders are

Remind me what was RCWS again