PUMA (Ifv) is almost two years in War thunder and there is still no working AHEAD

After all this time gaijin still didn’t find a solution for Ahead. Not only did they add with the kf41 another vehicle with ahead, many future vehicles like boxers have ahead aswell.

My topic 6 months ago was closed without a reason aswell and no fixes are in sight.

Is it really to much to ask for that they finally fix this ammunition?


Can be added as a “Shrapnel-VT” shell I guess. I feel as if we get this we also get cluster munitions as well, mostly stand off munitions like the BK90.

That would be the easiest solution.

It’s nothing new aswell that gameplay is more important than realism. Most starter helis should have keyboard aimed missles but they got mouse aimed missles

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Yeah, I guess so, like the HKP3C, with the “Bantam”, essentially just a modified BAe swingfire, the SS.11 as well, and this is a thesable reason to drop the BR of some heli’s. Most likely gaijins response to this post would be “Too OP”

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I am still waiting for the MUSS system to actually protect 360 like War Thunder said in their dev blog about the puma.


maybe this?


Yes, theoretically the ultraviolet sensors that are installed together with the laser sensors should recognise approaching ATGMs by the heat they emit and then automatically point the jammer in the direction of the approaching missile. But I think if they had done that when the vehicle was added, it would have been a bit too overpowered for the intended BR, because all vehicles based only on ATGMs would have been de facto useless. Now on 10.0, however, it should slowly be incorporated.
Examples of tanks that would have had no chance of taking out a Puma on their own, regardless of which direction they were attacking from, would be the M901 or IT-1

No, this is mainly for stuff like HE-VT or time fuze shells like DM11.
At the moment rangefinding just sets the fuze for example, meaning that you basically can’t hit tanks with DM11 or similar time fuze shells.
This just means that you can turn that fuze off and use it as regular HE.

AHEAD is fundamentally flawed in game since it not only produces basically no shrapnel (because the game considers the 0.8g of explosives as the only damage dealer which ofc makes it useless since that’s only there to distribute the fragments) but also does not set the fuze to explode ahead of the target automatically if a target is being tracked.

Even IF they manage to introduce the automatic fuze programming AND a proper damage effect, they would probably just make it set the fuze at exactly the distance measured and thus make the shells explodie behind target except on helis.

Also, the biggest problem with the PUMA isn’t even AHEAD.
It’s the fact that the APS does not work, the APFSDS are way too light and thus lack a ton of damage potential AND that the armor is so horribly underperforming it’s not even funny.