The situation at top tier ARB is unsustainable

since after the new update with the new flying missile bases, and the increasingly chaotic furball of ARB the situation is becoming unsustainable, and the team kills are becoming more and more frequent, a timely readjustment of the mode is necessary, because it is quite frustrating where you lose lions because the map is too chaotic and your missile suddenly decides to go and shoot down an ally because there are too many planes. we have now noticed that the size of the maps which have increased is not enough to guarantee a good game mode, which pushes players to always face each other in the center of the map in a chaotic spam of missiles, furthermore the number of players does not allow you to have eyes everywhere and not being able to keep track of everyone around you, consequently a player’s skill is penalized since a lucky shot from a third party could hit you, or even get knocked down or take down someone on your own team, or nullify and waste a missile because you or one of your allies have fired at the same target and the missile of one of the 2 will be lost, and all this if it was already a problem previously present now with the new update and with increasingly modern means with IRCCM missiles, and increasingly advanced, precise and long-range radar systems, the problem has become even more evident. I therefore recommend you go and read this post POLL: Does the game mode for Air RB need a re-work? and to give your opinion with a vote and perhaps with a comment on how to best solve this problem, encouraging Gaijin to take measures in the short and long term to improve this mode which has attracted many fans to this game since 2013.


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the discussion is not mine, but another user’s, but since the ARB situation interests me and I encounter problems, I expressed my opinion, therefore I put the link to the survey so that those who have not seen the post can find it more easily and participate in the survey