Please REMOVE the Crew Training cost - since you Constantly change the BR of vehicles, and i have to redo my lineups

Heyyy they moved vehicles around again… (changed a TON of vehicles Battle Ratings).

Please make crew training free or a one time cost, since you all constantly are changing the BR of vehicles and ruining lineups/presets


Yes, and let us re-order crew slots.

The crew cost could just be merged into the cost of the vehicle, and then let us move vehicle to any crew.

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Crew should be a one time training cost per vehicle.


right, thats what i said… Same with acing them too, it should stick with the vehicle and i should be able to put them on Any slot, for free (after the initial cost)

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Why keep making threads with the same topic? This, is your third.

Not only crew training if you buy expertise and gather an ACE crew, if you put the vehicle in another slot you need to do it all over again.

yup, put that in one of my posts, but i definitely agree that crew training costs and acing crew should be ONE time costs and stay with the vehicle, so you/we can move the vehicles wherever we want, whenever we want, and not be penalized for it

Can we unman the crew like why do I need a 2.7 archer with a crew paid for.


my bad its 4:42am

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