Make Crew Training Free

It is asinine to charge even 1000SL to put my vehicles in the order i want… I should be able to put vehicles in whatever order i want, and not have to spend 100,000 SL to move/adjust them.

Another huge reason to make them free is you/they are constantly changing the BR of vehicles, which means i have to adjust my lineups/presets, which means i have to spend the ridiculous crew training costs… yet again. (even a 1 time cost of crew training or acing would be a huge improvement)

inb4 all the stupid comments like: get gud, and, get better at the game or Plan Better, etc…

I have Tons of Silver Lions and probably am in the top 1% of SL accrued.
i simply think this is an extremely dumb feature and should be removed.



Should just be a one time fee to unlock the use of a vehicle and be done with it, if I have a Tiger ll H on slot 1 and a Tiger ll P on slot 2 and I’d swap them it shouldn’t require the retraining of crew, aside from the fact it’s stupid as there’s a lot of essentially identical vehicles.

Whole crew system and crew XP system is completely garbage anyways and neglected.


i kinda said that, but yes, i completely agree. One time makes sense… but free/remove it also makes sense… Just from a quality of life stand point, its annoying, i should be able to move my vehicles that i own, onto any slots i want, at any time.

Add in that they change BR’s of vehicles and basically force us all to move the vehicles again and again… and then it becomes a Whole other thing… and more of a douche move on their part

I feel it’s fine as it is, and doesn’t really need changing. It’s a good system to make people think and plan their lineups, and when BR changes come that are being coined in this, they aren’t changed all the time, so it’s not as if you really are making constant changes.

I just really don’t see the issue.

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The issue is that they are too expensive, and you sometimes need to change it because of a BR change.

Even just a 1 time purchase of crew training would be better than what we have now.

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yup, agreed.

Not particularly… The OP is bragging about his lions in the suggestion… It’s time for them to start spending it rather than using it as a boast.

If the actual crew training costs on some vehicles are too expensive, then sugegst to lower those…

Removing them entirely, is just the same old ‘I don’t like it, it needs removal’ angle, which is never accepted.

People defending bad mechanics as usual, shocker.


‘Bad’ is by interpretation. Many who don’t understand things will lean to it being bad because they can’t understand it, by either capability, or want to not understand it.

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You’re the one throwing out the insults, rather than having any engagement whatsoever.

That is your issue, and you hold that dear to avoid trying to discuss anything.

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It’s bad because it is not needed, and it is poorly implemented.

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It is needed to make it not an ace crew on every slot, avoiding that we knock out the base game mechanics in the same suggestion…

That’s the wider issue that no-one wants to address.

Which, is also something others also cannot understand, and want removed because of that non-understanding.

That’s nothing to do with this topic at hand.

My opinion isn’t nonsense just because you don’t agree with it.

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Let me make it simple then…

If the crew training costs were removed, then every crew slot would have to be an ace crew. If they were all ace crews, then why would we even have crew skills at all. And if that were the case, then a lot of the base mechanics of the game would then also need to be removed because what purpose would any of it serve.

So again, just because you don’t like my opinion, doesn’t make it nonsense, but the fixation you have in just deriding me instead of engaging is a you problem.

It’s not my fault you can’t think past anything but what you want ‘changed’…

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No one is talking about the basic and expert training cost but the cost to put them into slots over and over, and regardless it wouldn’t have to mean every crew slot is ace either, however you’ve came to that conclusion.

Because there’s a multitude of suggestions on the same premise… All of the same ‘motive’… You’ve even been in those threads as well.

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If you can’t engage genuinely, then maybe stop being abusive for no need… After all, I called you out on your gatekeeping and only wanting your favoured responses, and you’ve dragged your chain through the forums for a week, just throwing out your abuse and insults on the regular.

If you can’t handle a forum and using it to discuss things, that may not align with what you want, then maybe you’re in the wrong place…


You aren’t fine to have debates with people because you can’t even come to admit that you’re being rude and obscene just for the sake of it now, as you even admitted, I’m in here all pleasant…

So if you were actually genuine, you would already have responded, but instaed you’ve thrown out all the names you can to forgo it, just because I don’t share the same view or sentiment as you.

The issue that you have, is your anger, and your default to it on the regular… It’s not a ‘d-bag’ move to change the BRs, as many who comment in the threads you also comment in were complaining about those vehicles facing things they couldn’t.

And that is where the BR changes come into it… It’s not to intentionally mess with you, it’s to actually put the tree in a more performance based position.

Your want to gatekeep your thread with this copy-paste

inb4 all the stupid comments like: get gud, and, get better at the game or Plan Better, etc…

I have Tons of Silver Lions and probably am in the top 1% of SL accrued.
i simply think this is an extremely dumb feature and should be removed.

shows that you aren’t genuinely seeking anything other than what you want to hear, that is of course, unless it’s going against what someone that you don’t like, says…


Could we get free crew training and add the “frees and taxes” to the expert and ace training Silver Lions. This way people can change their tanks and planes around but its harder for people to abuse because they will have to still pay to get expert and Ace training crew bonuses.

This gives new players who don’t have large hordes of SL play their tanks and planes in the order they want them in, while giving players who are strategic with their lineups or have saved their SL still get the ultimate benefit of the best crew performance.